4 profitable and relevant business ideas from the USA and Europe

Business ideas from the USA and Europe

Most of the successful startups that seem innovative today actually began their journey a few years ago. It is easy to estimate that to understand future trends, you need to pay attention to the most interesting startups and business ideas that appear today. This article contains four interesting business ideas from Europe and the USA that you can take note of and implement in our country.

1. Smoke alarm system

Currently, the number of types of security systems is impressive. But, the underworld is also not far behind, coming up with new rounds of reliable protection systems. Arms race, not otherwise.

The United States invented a system based on ordinary smoke. The essence of her work is extremely simple: when a computer and cameras detect intruders in a room, it is filled with smoke in a few seconds, through which nothing can be seen. It is important that the smoke in the system is used completely safe, both for living things and for products that can be indoors.

The idea is laconic – in the pitch smoke, the attackers stop seeing anything, and this, in turn, gives the police additional time to get to the crime scene earlier, what the robbers will leave him with. Reliable, safe and interesting.

2. Fully automatic car wash

Japan has long been promising to transfer all of its production facilities to the full service of robotic technology. It came to the usual car washes.

The bottom line is to completely relieve people of any effort when washing the car. The idea is fundamentally not much different from the usual semi-automatic sinks, but the essence is in the nuances.

You put your car on a special platform, which automatically enters the box. Next, the machine is treated with water and detergent. At the end, automatic drying is performed. According to statistics, washing at the most expensive tariff will take no more than ten minutes.

The main advantage of such a sink is the almost complete absence of personnel. You can even arrange your car washes on the tracks with convenient terminals for payment. It is also worth noting that the design of washing tools should be completely safe, in case some fun guy wants to wash himself with the machine. But, this is taken into account in the project.

And imagine how much you save on salaries. Technically, such car washes already exist, but still most of them involve semi-automatic. Completely robotic sinks look like the reality of the near future.

3. Disposable Hookah

Another interesting business idea is the sale of disposable hookahs. As a flask, an ordinary glass should be used, which is always at hand. As a bowl, it is proposed to use a favorite fruit, for example, an orange. Hose and shaft are made from cocktail tubes. Half a minute and the design becomes a real one-time hookah.

For saving, it is suggested to use a disposable cup. Everything you need should be conveniently packaged. Profit is also planned to receive from own delivery.

At the moment, the main models smoke for about an hour and a half, without losing taste. At the same time, the cost of such a smoking apparatus, to bring tangible profits, can be only three hundred rubles.

4. Sloppy pictures

Fortunately, contemporary art does not always require talent. Sometimes you just need to be very unusual and catchy. And all this is about draft sloppy pictures. Creating such works of art is very simple – you need to take a few cans of paint and pour them onto the canvas. Each time it turns out something unusual and bright, which is quite enough for a budget picture in a modern style.

As practice shows, the demand for such cheap works of art is quite high. So, the thing is small. You need to acquire canvases, paints and a room that is not a pity to get dirty.

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