7 Secrets of Effective Trade in Chinese Goods

Chinese goods flooded the Ukrainian market. But in the minds of our compatriots, the common phrase “Chinese forgery” has become firmly entrenched. Those who decided to start selling goods from China would not hurt to visit this amazing country. Today, the Celestial Empire is ahead of the rest of the planet, and fakes from there are often of better quality than branded counterparts. If there is no way to travel, then you should read books about China. In them you can learn a lot of interesting things about the country itself, its culture, traditions, legends. Believe me, the knowledge gained will become the guarantor of successful trading.

Chinese goods

Some secrets of selling goods made in China:

  1. The biggest difficulty in selling Chinese goods is the neglect of the buyer. He needs to be persuaded. This is where information about China, coupled with the seller’s eloquence, comes in handy. The more he tells interesting things about this country, linking it with the goods being sold, the more efficiently the trade will go. Otherwise, one thing remains – to ask the Chinese partners to put the Russian logo on the goods being sold. It’s cheap, but not ethical.
  2. Any business requires an initial financial investment. Without this – nowhere. For commercial activities, you need to choose a product that is in high demand in the market and has no complaints about quality. Of course, you can’t do without advertising. A well-advertised product will be successful with customers. An article in an advertising magazine or a small video on local television is suitable for this. But advertising on federal channels is very expensive, but at the same time it is several times more effective.
  3. Another important factor is the provision of a guarantee for the product. Whether there will be a need for it is another question. But the very existence of a guarantee acts on the buyer almost magically. If the seller is confident in the quality of the product, then he can safely write out a warranty card. The Chinese are an enterprising people. With an increase in sales and business development in general, the manufacturer will be able to finance the creation of a service center, where minor repairs or replacement of a defective part will be carried out under warranty.
  4. The cost of the goods is the main criterion for the buyer. The main thing here is to find a middle ground. As much as I would not like to earn more, but not everyone can afford an expensive product, and too cheap will raise doubts among the buyer in its quality. At the same time, it is important that the quality is actually good. Fortunately, finding such a product is not a problem in China.
  5. The comparison method works well. If the buyer is still confused by the country of origin of the product, then it is enough to demonstrate its analogue, made, for example, in Germany. The seller offers to find the difference between the two products and explains that the German product is more expensive not because of its characteristics, but because of the brand’s popularity.
  6. With the development of digital technologies, more and more buyers are finding the right product on the Internet. It is worth considering creating your own website. It should be bright, colorful, with lots of photos. Feedback from product reviews is also important. This method is good for promoting the product.
  7. And the last thing. The availability of documentation is very important: quality certificates, customs certificates, invoices, etc. There is always a meticulous client who will certainly want to get acquainted with them and make sure the information about the product is reliable. Otherwise, he will refuse to purchase, and even leave negative feedback, harming the reputation of the seller.

If you follow these tips, look for an individual approach to each customer and build trusting relationships with clients, then the trading business will become successful very quickly.

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