Brandenburg Gate – a historical symbol of German unity

Brandenburg Gate

The fame of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin became a hallmark of the unification. And attracts a huge number of tourists who want to admire this work of architecture. And the architectural concept implied that they should symbolize harmony and peace.

The historical past of the site.

 The Gate of the World The Gate of the World is undoubtedly an important and valuable object of history that has already turned two hundred years old. In the distant past, Berlin was surrounded by a solid wall with eighteen gates. But only this gate managed to survive to this day. Most seriously, this building was damaged and damaged by the Second World War. Over time, the Berlin Gate was restored. But turned out to be the dividing border of East and West Berlin.

Later, they began to personify Nazi power in Germany and joined the Berlin Wall. But this absolutely did not prevent the Gates of the World from becoming the emblem of the reunification of the GDR and the FRG. The architecture, located on the square called Paris, still enjoys increased attention not only of tourists and travelers, but also of native Germans. In the most frequented Hall of Silence, located in the wing of the gate on the north side, the Germans gather to remember the historical past, and not to forget about the lessons that history taught them.

Interesting facts about the Brandenburg Gate.

 Berlin gates From the moment the gates were erected, they were decorated with a chariot driven by the goddess of the world Eirena holding a laurel wreath. When Napoleon Bonaparte defeated the remains of the Prussian army, he confiscated the sculpture of the goddess, removing it from the gate, and decorated it with a residence in Paris. And only eight years later, the architectural decoration was placed in its rightful place. But in a different guise – now it was Victoria, the goddess of victory. The emperor of Prussia added to the goddess. Together a wreath of laurel, an iron cross and an oak wreath.

But recently, in 2002, a complete restoration of the Branderburg Gate took place. Now they adorn the square for concerts. Where world famous shows are held. Act as a triumphal arch, welcoming the honorable processions of politicians from all over the world.

In the evenings, at the Brandenburg Gate, it is unusually beautiful and noisy. With magnificent illumination and grandiose projections, during the passing light festivals, the square transform, and in combination with stunning architectural style, the Gates of the World look unique and inimitable. During the day, quite often there are performances by artists, various parades and street shows.

Firstly a lot of people always fill the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Secondly almost all excursions offered in hotels begin at this architectural monument of Germany. During these excursions, you can not only make a lot of memorable pictures, but also listen to interesting information from a professional guide about the amazing history of this gate. Branderburg Gate is not the only attraction located in this area of ​​Berlin.

Famous sights

While walking around the area, you can admire other interesting and famous monuments and places:

  1. Unter den Linden Berlin Boulevard.
  2. Madame Tussauds.
  3. Reichstag.
  4. Victory Column.
  5. Steam Tiergarten.
  6. Memorial to Soviet soldiers.

The Gate of the World, one of the Berlin sights, which clearly symbolizes Germany’s turbulent past and its peaceful achievements.

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