Clothing from China wholesale

Clothing from China wholesale – that niche of business, which will always bring income. The top 5 most popular products made in China include:

  • power tools
  • toys
  • computer hardware
  • phones

But the list is headed by clothing. It is gradually replacing the famous brands from our compatriots’ everyday wardrobe. Because buyers are asking: “Why pay more?”.

Clothing from China in bulk from the manufacturer

Clothing from China wholesale

Replicas of famous brands are not inferior to originals in quality, and their cost does not hit the budget. Moreover – many European brands transfer production to the Middle Kingdom, thus reducing the cost price of manufacturing goods. With clothes made in China, you can leave each season without regret, making room for new fashionable things. Therefore, such a business will always be successful.

Clothing from China wholesale directly from the company East European Express

Registration of bulk purchases from China for legal entities is as follows:

  1. You find suppliers and identify with the goods.
  2. Inform the seller of the legal address of the company, the details of the bank that serves you, and the account number.
  3. Receive a payment order.
  4. You pay your order.

It is more convenient for individuals to make out small wholesale orders on trading floors, such as Aliexpress and Alibaba, or from an intermediary company that engages in wholesale purchases of Chinese goods.

It is naturally more profitable in both cases to contact the manufacturer directly. Establishing cooperation with Chinese suppliers is a rather lengthy process, due to difficulties in translation, the problem of finding responsible sellers and quality goods. Therefore, the best option is to entrust these issues to the transport company.

The company In Time is ready to help you in establishing business relations with China on favorable terms. You can count on quick results and full support, as well as on-line shipping from China .

Your benefits from cooperation with our company are obvious:

  • you do not risk contacting a dishonest manufacturer;
  • exclude the possibility of financial losses;
  • you can be sure that you will not get defective goods or poor quality products
  • exclude negotiations and formalities that take a long time from your schedule
  • choose among the best price offers.

In addition, when you purchase goods through the company In Time you get the opportunity to purchase it without extra charges. While online stores dealing with wholesale purchases have their own profit on this.

Delivery of goods from China

The transport company will undertake the issue of organizing the dispatch and receipt of the goods. You can deliver in three ways:

  • by air
  • over a land route
  • by sea.

The choice of the most suitable option depends on the individual situation of the client. The advantage remains for the least expensive way of transporting cargo by sea.

Upon arrival in Ukraine, the employees of the trucking company accept the goods and check its conformity to your order. Make the necessary documents and deliver to you.

What is better – to get your own experience in wholesale purchases from Chinese manufacturers, but to fill a lot of cones? Or immediately choose a proven firm, which you can trust in business matters – the choice is yours. But a competent entrepreneur will assess the risks and understand that clothing from China in bulk is a sphere that requires certain knowledge, skills and established ties.

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