Customs clearance of goods from China

Delivery and customs clearance of goods from China

Today, products from China are very successful, so most entrepreneurs are developing their business in this direction. Today this field of activity is quite a profitable and promising investment of money. However, even in this case, there are difficulties. The most obvious is customs control (in other words, customs clearance) of cargo, which is fashionable to send in two directions: “white” and “gray”.

“Gray” option for importing Chinese products

The product belongs to the category “gray” when imported into a country in violation of the laws and regulations established by this state, in other words, it is illegal. Quite often, the tax on products from the Middle Kingdom is higher than the purchase value. Also, the customs control process entails a myriad of other complexities.

Thus, the experiences that arise during the customs clearance of cargo prompts businessmen to look for “left” ways to go through customs.

Problems with customs clearance of goods

Inconsistencies appear during the registration of the declaration, because the importer is interested in reducing payments to customs, therefore he deliberately indicates a false code of the goods. This method subsequently creates a lot of problems. For example, “gray” products will not have a quality certificate, so the buyer will not be able to receive and demand service. At the same time, the payment for the assistance of a customs broker will greatly increase, since the latter will have to change the product code or deliberately underestimate the real cost of the product. Such activity for a broker can result in administrative or criminal liability. And if during transportation the cargo turns out to be damaged or disappears, then the owner will not be able to get insurance.

Customs clearance of cargo legally

The traditional way of performing customs inspection consists of a large number of procedures that comply with the requirements and regulations of the law. The biggest drawback of legal customs clearance of goods is bureaucracy, paper clerical.

The process can be greatly simplified if you allow a professional customs broker to deal with this issue. For such a service, you will have to pay a certain amount to the broker, but all the documentation will be executed correctly.

Customs inspection on a legal basis is a guarantee of security and a guarantee against bad consequences.

The customs clearance process is a complex, financially costly event. You will need to obtain a certificate of conformity, prepare documentation, fill out declarations, pay many different fees (such as budget plus customs).
If the owner of the cargo has decided to go through customs control on his own, then it is better to find out the procedure for paying taxes on Chinese products. Quite often, these costs affect the final value of the imported goods on the market. You can get information about tax duties on the official website of customs control, since the amount of duties is determined by the Ukrainian services.

Factors determining the cost of customs clearance

  1. Product class
    Any group of goods is assigned a unique fuel injection pump code that determines the sequence of registration of a specific product. For example, socks for adults do not need certification, but they are required for children. Special regulations and rules have been introduced for the export of medical products. A special permit for the export of such a product is compulsorily issued only by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Weight and number of units of goods
    The price for customs clearance of goods from the Middle Kingdom is determined by the quantity and volume of products. An individual can import goods weighing no more than 50 kg for a total value of no more than $ 2,000 (American). If these requirements are exceeded, then you will have to give 30% of the total value of the cargo to customs.
    There are also many factors that can change the value of the tariff, so you should first familiarize yourself with this information in special services. At the same time, one should not forget that customs valuation sometimes exceeds the real value of the cargo.
  3. Delivery from China
    The payment for baggage from China is influenced by the way it is transported and the appearance of the package.

Legal clearance of goods at customs is not an easy task, but the number of entrepreneurs who prefer the legal option of customs clearance is increasing. A businessman does not worry about the consequences of customs clearance, leaving the entire process in the hands of a customs broker. You will have to pay for the services, but the cost of the latter will be cheaper. The broker does not have to do the paperwork, risking his own reputation and freedom.
Thus, legal registration not only simplifies the customs procedure, but also has a beneficial effect on business development.

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