Delivery from China by plane

Prompt and quality delivery from China by plane is carried out regularly by the company In Time for more than 10 years. Air delivery of goods from China to Ukraine is:

  • speed
  • Convenience
  • Turnover efficiency
  • reduction of trading costs.

Among whom is popular the delivery from China by plane

Shipping from China by airplane of goods and goods Over the past few years, the popularity of Chinese goods is continuously increasing. This is due to a wide range of products and quite high quality. Often, Ukrainian businessmen buy goods in China at a low price. And then they are sold to local points of sales. Due to the fact that the distance between Ukraine and China is quite large, shipping by sea or by land transport will take too much time. Therefore, air delivery is the best option, which requires minimum efforts on each side. And the result will not take long to wait, after a few days the goods will be in Ukraine.

How is delivery

For successful transportation, each product passes through certain stages.

  1. First, a specific consignment or a whole batch goes to our Chinese warehouses.
  2. Secondly, the specialists of our company prepare documents, combine several orders and send them to Ukraine.
  3. Third, you can get the goods yourself at our warehouses in Ukraine. Or choose courier delivery anywhere in the city. Only 3 steps and the necessary product is already with you.

With the help of the East European Express company, delivery from China by air will take no more than 7 days (usually from 3 to 7 days).

By ignorance, some customers initially refuse air delivery. This is due to their belief that this type of transportation is very expensive. However, experts of our company argue that due to the great demand for delivery by air, this type of transportation, to date, has become the most accessible for every resident of Ukraine. We offer you with the minimum time costs and at a pleasant price to use air delivery.

What categories of goods can be transported

A lot of goods are suitable for transportation by air. These are textiles, wardrobe items, accessories and costume jewelery. It is allowed to transport all kinds of electronics: laptops, smart phones, cameras, etc. Often, for emergency repairs of cars or other equipment, expensive parts and mechanisms are brought to Ukraine. Also this type of transportation is optimal for fragile products, expensive jewelry and accessories.

Express delivery Please note that express delivery from China  by plane is not possible for some categories of goods. To avoid the emergence of trouble, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these rules of air delivery. It is forbidden to transport any kinds of weapons, narcotics and explosives, powders and liquids, magnets, mercury, accumulators in pure form and so on.

The benefits that customers value us

  1. Our company provides regular flights from China, and also provides the possibility of individual delivery.
  2. For many years of successful work, we have proven our reliability. Due to this, both large corporations and individuals trust us.
  3. For our regular customers there is a possibility of individual fare and special offers.
  4. Due to the fact that only professionals of our business work in our team, we immediately take into account any changes in demand and promptly regulate work processes.

Choosing for cooperation the company East European Express, you can be sure that shipping from China by air will take a minimum of trouble, and the result is pleasant will surprise.

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