Fast delivery from China to Ukraine

Fast delivery from China of any product

Fast delivery from China is a service that every day more and more interested. This is primarily due to the fact that China can be called the largest trading platform in the world. In addition to the size of this country is also famous for a variety of goods. The huge range and at the same time low cost practically deprive other countries of competitiveness. In addition, it is in Chinese factories and manufactures that they produce analogues of popular brands and products (ranging from replicas of bags to analogs of equipment).

It is fast delivery that is what interests many, because you want to get your goods as soon as possible. This is also important for those who do sales. After all, the sooner the product arrives, the faster you can begin selling in order for it to pay off. Also for those who order products for themselves, because there is not always time and desire to wait for the desired product. Therefore, the speed of delivery from China is so important.

What is fast delivery from China?

What we associate with delivery from China, especially if we are talking about simple philistines – sites like aliexpress. And also with incomprehensible delivery time, which can vary from two weeks to several months. And the most regrettable is that in no way can you understand in advance when the goods will be delivered. The first reason for this gap in time is customs clearance.

And as for large loads, it is even more difficult, especially if the cargo is consolidated (more than one product from one seller). Since the issue of delivery and customs clearance becomes even more acute. For this purpose, there is a service of fast delivery from logistics companies. The success of the delivery in a short time with the help of professionals is to select the right transport, as well as to quickly resolve all customs issues.

You order a specific product and its volume through such a company. After that, its employees are already engaged in the issue of procurement from the seller, the formation of an order, the selection of transport. And also, absolutely all issues of registration of documentation fall on the shoulders of specialists of a logistics company.

What are the delivery methods from China?

Three types of delivery can be distinguished depending on the type of vehicle. Which one is better depends on the desired delivery charges, dimensions of the goods, as well as the required urgency. Basic delivery methods:

  • Delivery by air.
  • Sea transportation.
  • And, the train. This method is the least used.

If we are talking about cost, then the most expensive delivery will be air. But, it makes sense for smaller goods. For large cargoes suitable maritime transport. Since, firstly, it will be cheaper, and secondly, not always bulky goods can be delivered by plane.

As for the delivery time. That air delivery, the fastest – from 7 to 10 days. Transportation by sea can take up to 60 days (which at first glance can hardly be called fast delivery, but for large cargoes it is the cheapest and most reliable way). And, if not strange, but the delivery by train is faster than by sea, usually up to 40 days.

Which products from China can be shipped quickly?

If we are talking about very fast delivery, then it is worth staying on air transport. But, as already mentioned, not all products can be delivered in this way. The most popular types of cargo:

  • Smartphones and extras.
  • Small household appliances (blenders, coffee machines, and much more).  Fast delivery from China to Ukraine
  • Laptops, computers, auxiliary equipment and accessories.
  • Jewelry and jewelery.
  • Clothes and shoes.
  • Food, teas, coffee, alcohol.
  • Accessories.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Perfumery.
  • Products for children (toys, strollers, care).
  • Pet Products

This is a partial list of the most requested items for air delivery from China. But if you have doubts whether the desired product can be delivered in this way, then you should check with a specialist in the company that will be engaged in delivery. Fast delivery from China may not be available for all products, but, nevertheless, the list of possible cargoes for air transportation is very big one.

How to order fast delivery service?

The logistics company East European Express has vast experience in the delivery of a variety of goods from virtually anywhere in the world. Including from China. We also specialize in fast delivery.

If you require your product to come safe and sound in the required time – we will help with this. Also, we will take on ourselves all the difficulties with the design of the necessary documentation. Fast delivery from China is an opportunity to get the necessary products in a short time and at an adequate cost.

Eastern European Express delivery from China to Ukraine

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