Finding partners in China with B2B companies

Search for partners in China

The choice of suppliers is the most important moment in the work of any organization involved in importing from this country. The easiest way to find the right product in China is through specialized B2B sites, on which the information of the organization of China is placed about the offered products. They can do this both for free and for a fee, it all depends on the resource.


The most powerful world B2B portal is the famous If you need to buy something, it is very important to correctly translate the name of the product you are interested in into English. The results obtained largely depend on the translation. Almost any query on Alibaba can get hundreds of results pages. In addition to this site, there are other B2B portals where you can find Chinese suppliers. Less popular, but at the same time well-known are also,,, You can use any of them to find suppliers. Despite the immense popularity of Alibaba, this resource cannot be called the best. A lot of scammers are trying to use its capabilities. Because the site traffic is huge. A large amount of spam will come to you if you try to post an ad on Alibaba looking for something, so this is not recommended.

Unwanted spam can be avoided by using a separate mailbox for this purpose when searching for suppliers from China.

Searching for a product, you will receive hundreds of options from various companies. It is really difficult to understand them, especially for a beginner. You need to select offers from serious organizations. It makes no sense to write to everyone. Also, do not pay attention to the “Gold Supplier” and similar inscriptions. They are for attracting attention. All companies from China are “gold” on Alibaba. Since their participation requires several years of compulsory payment of membership. Free registration is closed for them. The annual participation on the site is quite expensive. Suppliers from China have to pay sixty to eighty thousand yuan a year. At the same time, registration for companies from other countries remains free and free.

Search for partners in China by location

You need to start looking for potential suppliers primarily by their location. Guangzhou, Shenzhou, the rest of Guangdong – the maximum number of manufacturers. It is located on the east coast. Knowledge of Chinese geography can be useful in finding suppliers. So it will not be superfluous to study it. Next, you need to try to choose companies that are located close to each other. Specific products are most often offered by organizations concentrated in one locality. Or even on one street altogether. In particular, there are hundreds of coaxial cable manufacturers in the small town of Ling’an located near Hangzhou.

You need to select the region with the maximum number of suppliers with the product. Next, you need to sort the companies by the same products into different groups. Model names and photographs will help identify groups of suppliers offering identical products. Having finished forming the groups, you will need to try to single out a real manufacturer from a dozen companies, whose goods are resold by all the others. This task is sometimes quite difficult. Moreover, the main problem is not even that most Chinese suppliers call themselves manufacturers, but that companies add related products to their assortment, which actually make some names in their own factory. In particular, someone else’s tiles or mixers can be sold by a company that actually makes shower cabins.

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