Groupage cargo from China and the USA: the best option for delivering goods in small batches

Groupage cargo from China and the USA

Transportation of groupage cargo in small consignments of goods is currently one of the most demanded methods of transportation of goods from abroad. Particularly popular is the service for the delivery of groupage cargo from the United States of America and China. It is these countries that are most attractive from the point of view of mid-range business. Entrepreneurs from Ukraine prefer to purchase goods from China and the United States, and the shipment of cargo in a consolidated container serves as a guarantee that it will be delivered quickly, with high quality and at an affordable price. The main feature of this method of transportation is the concentration of small consignments of goods.

Transportation of goods in a groupage container

Transportation of goods in a groupage container is carried out according to the address principle. It may contain goods of different poisoners – individual entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities – but they must have one destination.

Who uses groupage cargo transportation

For transportation in a collection container, a small weight – about 20 kg – is best suited. It is a convenient delivery method for travelers and tourists, small wholesalers, as well as those who are used to buying goods abroad.

The most vivid example: a small wholesale entrepreneur regularly purchases goods at several points – at factories from manufacturers and on trading floors. It is more profitable for such a businessman to collect all the consignments together in one container and arrange them as a consolidated cargo, rather than transport several small consignments in different ways from each point separately. The principle of wholesale trade also applies to cargo transportation.

Sending goods in small batches will cost significantly more than the transportation of the same batches, registered with groupage cargo. An additional guarantee of cargo delivery safe and sound – insurance. The cost of the goods to be insured upon shipment is determined by the sender. The shipping company only assumes the obligation to deliver it to its destination according to the agreed time frame without causing damage.

After the container with small consignments of cargo is fully completed – this will take time – it is sent to its destination along the approved route. It will correspond to all settlements located along the route of the goods to the final point, which are declared by the senders. This method allows you to significantly reduce shipping costs, while being fast and safe. The shipping company will choose the best mode of transport for sending groupage cargo by this route.

What kind of transport is used for the transportation of groupage cargo

It is advisable to deliver goods from China and the United States by water or air transport. Sending groupage cargo by sea will be cheaper than by air.

Before setting off, small consignments of cargo are concentrated in one warehouse. If necessary, they are repackaged, then placed in a container, and only then loaded onto a railway carriage or ship, which will follow to their destinations.

Groupage cargo is the best option for sending goods – profitable, safe and fast enough. The wait during the picking of the container is repaid a hundredfold by the cost of transportation in this way.

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