How to buy and deliver Iphone from China profitably

iPhone from China

There are many ways to order an iPhone from China. But there is risk of getting fake or losing money due to an unverified seller. When choosing a smartphone from China, there are a number of factors to consider. This will help you get the desired result from the transaction.

Choosing an Iphone from China – how not to run into scammers

First of all, use only proven marketplaces. On major sites, sellers receive reviews from real buyers. In the event of fraud, their pages are deleted. In addition, compensation can be requested from the store itself for an uncompleted transaction. This is if the funds have already been transferred to the internal account. Variations of smartphones that can be ordered from China:

  • New iPhone;
  • Refurbished iPhone;
  • High-quality copy of iPhone;
  • Low quality imitation iPhone.

In the first case, the main problem is shipping from China , which can cost a lot. If you managed to find a new iPhone at an affordable price from a trusted seller with free shipping, then you can safely order it. Sometimes the cost of transporting a product is much greaterю. It is compared to price in Ukraine and China.

Refurbished iPhones can also be an excellent alternative to new ones, but not everyone understands what exactly it is about. The devices are completely original smartphones from Apple, but some parts in them are changed to new ones after repair in the service. Many Chinese craftsmen buy broken appliances, then repair and sell them. In this case, it is also important to get to a trusted seller with a lot of real reviews. If you want to get a quality iPhone from China, then follow this point.

High-quality copies are usually much cheaper than the originals. So only the name and appearance remain in them. The rest of the devices are more like regular Android devices. Only with an interface for iOS. Shipping with Aliexpress in the case of low-quality copies of the iPhone may be more expensive than the device itself. Do not enter on too low a cost. Even in China noone will sell you a good smartphone for mere pennies.

Online shopping in China: where to order an iPhone?

There are a huge number of resources claiming to be proven Chinese online stores. When ordering on foreign sites, it is important to ensure that their address is correct. It is the similarity of domain names that scammers often use. The most popular platforms from China include:

  1. AliExpress;
  2. Alibaba;
  3. Taobao;
  4. Timall.

Ordering and shipping from Taobao is as easy and fast as shipping from AliExpress. Typically, the process takes only a few minutes. You just need to register on the resource, select the product you are interested in, enter the shipping data and pay for it. Good discounts are always offered to new users of large Chinese marketplaces. In addition, you can get into bargains and buy an iPhone 11 from China or any other device at a low price.

When buying an iPhone, be sure to pay attention to whether the device supports domestic operators. Some products on AliExpress and other stores are focused only on the domestic market, which is why it is better to clarify such points.

If you find an overly lucrative offer with a price tag that is 10 times lower than the price of the original iPhone, then most likely it is a copy of it or a fraud. A good iPhone from China can be found easily, but remember to check everything before sending money so you don’t end up in an unpleasant situation.

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