How to find quality products on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a popular online store today. A wide variety of goods is collected here – household appliances, food, knickknacks, trifles, souvenirs and even branded clothing and shoes.

But Aliexpress is also known for the fact that the buyer often receives a product that is significantly different from the one he saw in the photo in the store. The return procedure is tedious. Not every time managers go to meet the client, explaining that the seller is to blame, not the store.

Products from Aliexpress

Experienced shoppers create a recommendation list that helps newbies navigate the many offerings, products, sellers, and stores. Following their advice minimizes the risks of making a mistake and purchasing a low-quality product. But, it should be noted right away that they do not guarantee that the parcel will contain a product that will meet the client’s expectations. But do not be afraid of such a result either. The experience gained will allow you to avoid mistakes next time.

What to look for before buying on Aliexpress

Professionals highlight several points that are recommended to pay attention to:

  1. Product price.
    Aliexpress is known to everyone as a platform where you can buy the desired item at a comfortable and affordable price. But this does not mean that the product should cost a penny. You should not chase cheapness. It is extremely rare for high-quality products to be sold at a reduced cost. The seller must make a profit. Therefore, you should be on your guard if the desired lot is sold at too attractive a price. It is better to try to find an alternative here and compare prices.
  2. Seller rating.
    Depending on the number of sales and other factors, the seller forms a rating. The higher it is, the more often products are bought from him. Most likely, the items sold are of really good quality. But this also does not always correspond to the truth. It is recommended to look at the cards of other products of this store, to study the attached photos.
  3. Product photos.
    Do not neglect this point, but do not expect that the attached image is true. Vendors hire professionals to do high-quality, professional product photography. It will be shot from a favorable angle, in the right light. Also, images can be further corrected. But a careful study of the photos will allow you to form an approximate opinion about the products.

Plus, if in the comments, buyers attach their photos of the product. People are not interested in embellishing the image, so they will be more in line with reality. It is also recommended to explore forums and groups dedicated to shopping with Aliexpress. Perhaps there will be photos of the products of interest.

  1. Customer Reviews.
    Perhaps this is the only tool that helps to form an opinion and idea of ​​what is offered in the store. If there are many of them and most of them are positive, this is a plus. You should not immediately give up on the product if you find a couple of negative comments. People have different tastes and opinions. It is advisable to carefully study everything, even those in a foreign language. Online translators will help you translate reviews in foreign languages.
  2. Contact the seller.
    The store provides the opportunity to directly write to the seller of the product. You can ask questions, ask for more details about the product, its quality, ask to attach other photos, without correction. Of course, the likelihood that the request will receive a response is small. But it’s worth trying. If the answer is not received within 24 hours, then you can no longer wait for it. If in doubt, it is best to look elsewhere.

Conclusion on the topic

It is worth noting that these tips work only in combination. You cannot look only at reviews and a photo in order to form an opinion about the product and the seller.

It is also important to remember that Aliexpress is also a convenient platform for start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Therefore, they may not have a high rating, big sales. Sometimes you can take a chance. If you don’t like the product, return it. It is better to film the unpacking of the product as evidence. Good luck!

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