How to relax in the UAE? 10 rules

Holidays in the UAE

The state of the United Arab Emirates is located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The warm subtropical climate and a convenient location on the coast of the Indian Ocean have provided the state with wide fame in the world, this is a region for an interesting and comfortable exotic vacation.

The Emirates are interesting for their national traditions, customs and culture. The land of fairy-tale characters, real sheikhs and sultans, oriental bazaars, sandy beaches with white sandstone and exotic palm trees. Along with the antiquity and originality, the panorama of modern skyscrapers and shopping centers made of glass and concrete opens up.

The combination of centuries-old traditions of the Middle East with high quality service, developed infrastructure, attracts lovers of a comfortable beach holiday on the shores of the ocean.

The hottest time

The hottest time here is from May to September. For the convenience and comfort of tourists, all the benefits of modern civilization are presented. The hotel rooms are equipped with fans and air conditioning. To services of vacationers baths, showers, swimming pools on the territory of hotels and hotels. Soft drinks, ice cream, chilled exotic fruits.

If you are planning to go on a tour of the Arab East or spend a vacation in the Emirates, you must clearly understand and remember that this is a young Muslim country. It has its own traditions, laws that are sacredly kept and strictly enforced.

When entering the Emirates, the luggage of tourists is carefully checked at customs. You cannot carry more than two liters of alcoholic beverages, erotic literature. Medicines are especially checked for the absence of narcotic drugs and potent sedatives.

If local laws are violated, the offender can be subject to high fines, deportation from the country or criminal prosecution, up to arrest and detention.

The state is a commonwealth of several emirates. Each of them represents a separate region with its own local customs, laws, rules of conduct.

The largest is Abu Dhabi. The capital of the state is also located here. The emirate is famous for its skyscrapers, man-made islands with a modern tourist infrastructure focused on wealthy tourists and comfort for any, the most sophisticated, taste.

Of the sights, the most grandiose skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, should be noted. Its height is 828 meters.

All year round, you can ride on ski slopes of any complexity in the indoor ski complex.

Giant pools, with water parks of several hectares, are open all year round for outdoor enthusiasts.


The second most popular is Dubai. It is more affordable for people with average incomes. The choice of hotels is varied. You can rent a room in an elite or budget hotel.
In this emirate, you can touch the monuments of Eastern antiquity and fabulous wealth. The palaces of the sheikhs amaze with their luxury, ancient frescoes and mosaics.
The emirate of Sharjah is famous for its white sand beaches. Here you can not only get a beautiful tan, but also swim in the warm waves of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. The region is more focused on calm and comfortable beach holidays and water activities.

Ras al-Khaimah

Connoisseurs of natural beauty will have more to taste the rest in the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. The picturesque natural greenery is well-groomed and beautifully decorated with design elements in the spirit of park and garden art. The waters of the Persian Gulf will present a gentle refreshing breeze. All elements of a comfortable stay in the shade of tropical forests, parks, water elements.
The quietest and most comfortable emirate of Umm al-Quwain. This is a province with a lot of architectural monuments. Here you can get closely acquainted with the traditions and national color of the life of the Arab people, the way of life of the local population, its spiritual values.


In Fujairah resorts, it is interesting to climb the mountains, and then relax on the beach and swim in the refreshing Indian Ocean.


The smallest emirate of Ajman is famous for its mineral springs. He provides all the neighbors with it. The National Historical Museum is a must-see to get to know the Arab world better.

When traveling in the Emirates, you should never forget about local laws and customs. The mentality of Muslim peoples does not allow many European habits of behavior towards the local population.
We must adhere to some rules of conduct in the country.

Rule one

It is strictly forbidden to drink, chew gum in transport, public places. The penalty may be a fine of up to thirty dollars.

Second rule

Men are prohibited from traveling in carriages intended for the transport of women and children. Such places are marked with pink signs. Law enforcement officers may not issue a fine, but a verbal warning will be unpleasant in the presence of people.

Third rule

Modesty in dress expresses respect for the traditions of the local population. European open clothes are acceptable in the New City. But if a tourist is in the Old City or the Emirate of Sharjah, then here you should adhere to local traditions, respect the moral foundations of the people – wear closed clothes, refuse shorts, short skirts. For this, they may publicly make a remark or not be allowed to enter the store.

Rule four

Compliance with the rules of decent behavior on the beach. You can sunbathe on the hotel’s beach in loose swimwear and swimming trunks. But when using the shared beach, you should use more modest bathing accessories.

The fifth rule

In public places, you should not express emotions and feelings violently. You can’t hug, kiss, hug each other, hold by the waist.

Rule six

When communicating with people, you cannot speak loudly or shout. Even touching a person with good intentions is not allowed by local etiquette.

Seventh rule

Drinking alcohol in unacceptable places is punishable by law, as in all civilized countries. You cannot show yourself in public places in an unseemly drunken state. It is forbidden to drive a car while intoxicated. This violation is punishable by a substantial fine or imprisonment.

Rule Eight

For the use of drugs, their distribution is imposed a huge fine or imprisonment for a long time, up to life. There were cases that the death penalty was the punishment.

Rule nine

It is unacceptable to appeal to a local woman for any reason. It is not customary to try to talk to a girl on the street or in some room, regardless of the reason for contacting her. Moreover, rude actions against the weaker sex, insults, humiliation are prohibited. Photography and filming are related to such actions.

Rule ten

During the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, all entertainment establishments are closed. Discos, bars, dance halls stop their events. At this time, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
These rules apply not only to local residents, but also to tourists and vacationers.

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