Interesting facts about the United Arab Emirates

The oasis that flourished in the desert thanks to the oil fields is striking in its wealth. Big money and high technology have turned the UAE into a modern Asian country. How the latest achievements are combined with Arab traditions – in our article.

Interesting facts about the UAE:

  • Abu Dhabi is the name of the presiding emirate and, at the same time, the capital of the UAE.
  • Largest city – Dubai.
  • Population The UAE is 4.8 million people.
  • UAE borders with countries : Saudi Arabia, Oman.
  • Official language is Arabic.
  • Currency – Dirham
  • UAE is a young state in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, she is only 38 years old.
  • Before the jump in oil prices and the proclamation of independence, the Arabs could not even think about the status of one of the richest countries in the world .
  • The UAE consists of 7 emirates – monarchies, each of which has its own ruler. The emirate with the largest oil reserves and a share in the economy presides over all.
  • The desert here is especially large, dry and hot . The usual temperature in the summer is 45 degrees Celsius, the winter minimum is about 20.
  • Drought and sandstorms have not prevented the emergence of a ski resort in the UAE !
  • The water used by the inhabitants of the UAE is desalinated sea water. However, its high cost does not make the Arabs count the cubes used. In the middle of the desert, they have created the world’s largest Park of Flowers and provide watering.
  • Only 15% of UAE residents are citizens of this state and enjoy all the benefits of its social policy.
  • $ 20,000 and the villa received from the authorities of the newlyweds on their wedding day .
  • $ 50,000 goes to the family where the son was born .
  • Polygamy is not prohibited (up to 4 wives), but it is gradually becoming obsolete as too expensive a pleasure – even for UAE citizens.
  • If a UAE citizen admits to using drugs and wishes to get rid of this addiction, all costs will be covered by the state.
  • A complete ban on alcohol consumption is an immutable law that accompanies luxury life in the Emirates.
  • The total ban on eating during the day lasts for 30 days of fasting in the month Ramadan . You can eat at night.
  • 85% of UAE residents are immigrant workers who serve the local wealthy.
  • All UAE citizens and most foreign workers are Muslims . The share of Christians is 10% of the newcomer population.
  • Recently, the first in the UAE Orthodox complex – the temple of the Apostle Philip was founded in the emirate of Sharjah.
  • For women and men in the emirates, there are different train or subway cars. The interior of the bus is also divided into “male” and “female” zones .
  • Adultery in the UAE is punished in different ways: men – 3 months in prison, women – death through stoning.
  • Harsh laws and the current death penalty have practically overcome crime in the Emirates .
  • Police fleet in the richest state in the world includes Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari!
  • ATMs dispense funds in paper cash and gold!
  • Gold residents of the emirates accumulate kilograms. The marriage proposal is accompanied not just with a ring, but with a gift with a total weight of 5 kg!
  • Christmas tree in Abu Dhabi is not decorated with toys , but with jewelry. The cost of a tree with a height of 13m is more than $ 10 million.
  • 1% of the population of the emirates are dollar millionaires !
  • Social media in the UAE banned. Therefore, local residents have few opportunities to flaunt wealth. Even the official press is deprived of the right to describe the private property of the rich. The yellow press does not exist here.
  • Arab women willingly buy clothes from expensive designer brands, but are forced to hide it under the traditional black hoodie – abaya.
  • Daily wear for men – long shirt-dress in white. It is changed 3-4 times a day so that no one sees an Arab in a crumpled, or (woe!) Filthy outfit.
  • Favorite entertainment of the male population of the UAE – camel races and jeep safaris.
  • Women visit special “women’s” pools, clubs, sports and beauty centers

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