Leading US brands in the cosmetics market

US Cosmetics

Speaking about the cosmetics industry, one cannot help but draw your attention to the “magnificent seven” from the USA. These are the largest brands that suggest that America today is rightfully considered the world’s leading cosmetic power. US Cosmetics is available to everyone who wants to look beautiful, fashionable and modern. For a confident choice, we will introduce you to the products of the leaders.

Bliss Cosmetics

Bliss – creams and gels of this brand have an expressive design, original names and an effective, clearly visible effect immediately after application. We recommend compositions for hair, skin and body, as well as for tanning. Cosmetics for lips, face and eyes, cosmetic bags and makeup accessories. Also preparations for homeopathy and hair removal, fragrant aromas. Body batter, moisturizing and cleansing products, bath and shower gels are considered to be the best sellers.


Clarisonic – specializes in the production of tools and instruments for cleansing the skin, hair and body, caring for them. Ultrasound generators with massage function are the cornerstone of home care products. Devices clean pores and remove peeling, reduce and smooth wrinkles. But there are contraindications, therefore, a mandatory consultation with a doctor is required.


Mac – was created for make-up artists, but over time it gained popularity among ordinary people, a multi-million army of users. We draw attention to a wide selection of aromas, cosmetics, and compositions for caring for the body, skin, and hair. Lipsticks, shadows and tinting agents, soft brushes for applying makeup are in stable demand.


Nars is a brand trying to harmoniously combine minimalism and design experiments. This brand has a variety of cosmetics, products for hair and skin, as well as the body. Noteworthy formulations for massage, gloss and lipstick. All blush, powder and nail polish are in high demand.


Nyx is a budget brand that produces high-quality cosmetics, makeup and care accessories, and convenient cosmetic bags. Large selection of products for eyes, lips, face, hair, skin. But the leaders in demand are pencils and eye shadow, cream blush of all shades. Lipstick also attracts attention, the quality of which is not inferior to the most famous and expensive brands.


Stila is a youth brand with a contemporary design, excellent quality and reasonable price. It has cosmetics for eyes, lips, face, skin, body and hair care products, aromas. Glitter of different shades is in great demand among girls.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay – combines high quality with a catchy design, boldly experiments with neon in murals, loves to coincide with its new releases for Disney premiere films. We offer you a variety of cosmetics, in particular, for the eyes and face, lips and body. Also the trend is skin care, body care, and tanning products. A variety of accessories for any occasion deserve attention.

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