Logistic services for carriers

Logistic services

In the process of performing international transportation, carriers and their drivers often face various unforeseen situations: technical breakdown, accident, road traffic accident, occurrence of an insured event, delays due to various circumstances, including illness.

There are also unpleasant cases associated with the crime situation on some roads or with problems with the customs authorities or other law enforcement agencies. The consequences often lead to various complications with the Ukrainian customs.

But carriers from foreign countries, with ignorance of Ukrainian laws, and even with poor knowledge of Ukrainian, find themselves in difficult situations. You can’t do without help here.

LIST OF SERVICES for international (Ukrainian and foreign) carriers:

The main service is the provision of direct and return loads to international carriers. However, practice has shown that transport workers have many other problems associated with the Ukrainian customs system. Therefore, a special unit is needed to provide additional services:

  1. Protection of foreign and Ukrainian carriers from voluntaristic actions of customs and from customs administration, including both pre-trial resolution of conflicts and judicial and legal support, incl. upon detection of customs offenses.
  2. Refund of overpaid payments, deposits, pledges to customs, reduction of fines.
  3. Coordination of modes of movement of goods and transport across the territory of Ukraine (transit, temporary import / export, re-export, etc.).
  4. Coordination of replacement of transport or carrier during delivery, change of delivery dates or locations, etc.
  5. Providing assistance and protection in cases of committing and participating in road accidents, as well as in case of problem situations related to technical breakdowns, natural disasters, criminal attacks …
  6. Return of debts on non-payments from Ukrainian customers.

Employees of companies providing logistics services must have:

  • higher education and knowledge of customs regulations;
  • experience in customs:
    • department for the organization of customs control,
    • Department of Customs Investigations and Inquiries,
    • anti-smuggling department,
    • legal office,
    • Directorate for the Execution of Punishments and Orders of the Customs Authorities,
    • Office of Trade Restrictions and Export Controls,
    • department of compliance control, etc.
  • the status of a lawyer or legal adviser is desirable.

Employees who provide customs services for freight carriers know from personal experience:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the regulatory framework of Ukrainian customs,
  • the intricacies of law enforcement and customs administration, as well as gaps in customs claims.

They personally know many people and are well versed in the intricate corridors of the permitting system.

The main goal of a logistics company is to minimize material, financial and moral damage to carriers and to protect and defend their rights as much as possible.
The primary task of a logistics service company is to resolve all issues and resolve problems at the initial stage.

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