London is a business and cultural center


London is one of the most significant cities in Europe, teeming with historical and cultural monuments. He is in constant motion, life rages in him day and night. The city squares are especially lively.

Squares and districts of London

Piccadilly Circus is the brightest and most memorable square with a huge screen and a fountain in the middle, which is considered the heart of London; all public transport routes intersect here.

Trafalgar Square was named after the victory over Napoleon at Trafalgar. In the center there is a column with the figure of Admiral Nelson.
The districts of the city differ markedly from each other:

  • The City is the business part of the city, the financial center of England and all of Europe. Feature of architecture: old buildings side by side with modern buildings. The Mary Ax skyscraper, shaped like a metal cucumber, is located next to the Gothic buildings. There are no living quarters here, only offices. Banks, London Stock Exchange, financial corporations – here. Numerous restaurants and cafes are visited during business hours and close after business hours. Only in the City can you find respectable gentlemen in black bowlers with the Times newspaper in their hands.
  • The East End is the opposite of wealthy West London. Previously, the poor lived here, crime flourished, but the stories about Jack the Ripper have sunk into oblivion. With the construction of metro stations, communication with other parts of the city was established, numerous bars, national restaurants of India, Bangladesh and others appeared. An atmosphere of freedom and relaxedness prevails here. The art of graffiti and street art is very popular.
  • Soho is London’s trendy neighborhood. It includes streets: Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Famous writers, musicians and politicians lived here. Among them are Mozart, Shelley, Karl Marx and others. Tourists are not very attracted to this area, but locals love it.

Palaces and cathedrals of London

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen of Great Britain, where various ceremonies and banquets are held. This is the main attraction of the country. In front of the palace there is a beautiful garden with a fountain, around which many tourists gather to see the changing of the guard

The Palace of Westminster is the seat of parliament, which is why it is often called the “House of Parliament”. This is a magnificent building in the Gothic style with a tower on which the famous Big Ben clock beats the exact time. The meeting room provides space for everyone to be present during the debates and observe the course of the debates in parliament.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London. This is the most significant cathedral in Europe. The interior is decorated with frescoes depicting the life of St. Paul. Under the dome of the temple there are 3 galleries, one of which is “whispering”; the unusual acoustics here are such that a whisper at one end is perfectly audible at the other end of the gallery. Celebrities are buried in the cathedral: Admiral Nelson, Sir Fleming and others. A visit to the temple is free, you can come to the service and enjoy soulful choral singing and organ music.

Westminster Abbey is a real masterpiece of architecture, it amazes with its beauty both inside and out. Here are the ceremonies of weddings of royals and coronations of monarchs, as well as their burials.

London museums and theaters

The British Museum is one of the largest and most significant museums in the world. The collection of his exhibits reflects the history of mankind over a period of two million years. The treasures kept in the museum are unique. The permanent exhibition is complemented by thematic exhibitions, with the demonstration of various events on the screens, confirming the historical facts.

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is one of the symbols of the English capital. It displays about 1000 wax figures, striking with an incredible resemblance to the originals. The movement, voice and noise accompaniment make the characters almost real. Here you can see Madonna, Beckham, all presidents, the queen and other famous people.

London has a rich theatrical life, which is not surprising with so many theaters. Here is some of them:

  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is one of the oldest theaters in London, where Shakespeare’s plays often take on a new twist.
  • With a capacity of 2,200, Covent Garden is the theater royal. It differs from other theaters by the screens with libretto of productions built into the backs of the chairs. Many talented performers demonstrated their art on its stage: in 1928 Chaliapin sang in Boris Godunov, in 1953 – Callas in Norma, in 1963 – Vishnevskaya sang the part of Aida. The performance of the Royal Ballet troupe is held at a high artistic level.
  • The Lyceum is a theater that builds its repertoire on Shakespeare’s plays. The most popular is the musical “The Lion King”, which has been shown every day for 15 years and the hall is always full.

London has many attractions, interesting and varied, each visitor can always find what he likes.

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