Multimodal freight transportation

Freight transportation

Freight transportation in our world occupies a leading role in terms of the performance of all industries without exception. Logistics is evolving almost every day. Types of freight transport there are a large number. The most common are freight ground transportation, as well as air, sea and rail transportation.

Container shipments are also gaining momentum and are notable for the significant bulk of the transported cargo . But the most relevant and effective way of freight transportation is multimodal freight transportation. They differ in that they use several types of transport for the same order, and also transport goods over fairly large distances. Multimodal freight transportation is great for mass export. This type of cargo transportation is very widespread around the world. Like other types of cargo transportation, multimodal cargo transportation has a high level of responsibility and reliability.

How it works

The principle of multimodal freight transportation is to develop a route for delivering cargo from point A to point B. As a rule, this type of freight is used for transportation from country to country and with the intersection of the sea or ocean. This type of transportation is also good for specifying the object. That is, when you meet the goods and transport it to the place of a particular enterprise is not necessary with your own resources. These freight transportations are capable of delivering goods with accuracy to the object, and that is why there is a change of transport.

First of all, the cargo is transported to the seaport by truck or container, and then transferred to the cargo ship. Therefore, after this occurs its transportation by sea or ocean. However, in the case of the ocean, as a rule, air transportation is usually more popular. One way or another, upon reaching the next destination, the cargo transfers from the ferry again to ground transport. Sometimes it is transmitted to an airplane, if the range exceeds about 5000 km. As a rule, the cargo is transported in containers, and the dispatcher monitors the entire process. Often, cargo is provided with security.


Multimodal transportation is a very relevant solution in terms of economic component. Transportation from country to country is a long and complicated process. Thanks to this type of cargo transportation, it is possible at one time to transport a sufficiently large amount of the necessary cargo on time and with proper safety measures. The process of multimodal transportation begins with the calculation of the route by specialists. And ends with the full service of dispatchers and security. Thanks to the use of several types of vehicles, it is possible to make fast and very long-distance cargo transportation.

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