Plumbing from China Earns Trust

Plumbing from China

The International Statistics Agency has calculated that imported sanitary ware in Ukraine is more than 80%. It is not surprising that the largest share is plumbing from the Middle Kingdom. By the way, nowadays, every two out of three pieces of plumbing art have a Chinese “passport”. There is no doubt that Chinese plumbing has a number of advantages.

The first thing that distinguishes Chinese sanitary ware from other manufacturers is attractive prices. More and more Ukrainian entrepreneurs are forced to abandon domestic production of sanitary ware. The reason is the same – they simply cannot compete with the cost of Chinese counterparts. Plumbing from China is most often in the most affordable category. Choosing “China”, the buyer experiences instant benefits. Anyone who considers a low price to be synonymous with low quality is mistaken – it is quite possible to buy high-quality plumbing inexpensively today.

Range of Chinese sanitary products

Go ahead. The range of Chinese sanitary products in the domestic market is so wide that your wildest design ideas can be realized in reality. By the way, about design – over the past decade, the variety of products on offer has grown significantly. Chinese craftsmen usually make copies of the latest models of the best Italian or German sanitary ware, keeping the quality at a high level. Advice: if you decide to save money, follow the latest plumbing fixtures from Italy, and after settling on a specific design solution, find a Chinese analogue.

Plumbing Aqualux

Some models of Chinese sanitary ware worth paying attention to.
Aqualux offers modern sanitary ware. These are mixers and cast-iron bathtubs, there is a wide selection of shower systems. The products of this manufacturer are deservedly considered one of the leading in their price range.

Aqualux sanitary ware has been on the domestic market since 1998 – this campaign period was enough to become one of the best. Not inferior to the European models of competitors, the plumbing has a chrome-plated coating in three layers, which means that the purchase is guaranteed to last 15 years.

Another pleasant resemblance to “Europe” – the Chinese shower systems from Aqualux have different spray modes – this innovation will certainly delight the consumer.

Aqualux faucets are made in a classic European style, with different spout lengths. The bodies of Aqualux mixers are not silumin, but brass, which once again emphasizes the quality of the manufacturer. The quality of the mixers is evidenced by the required certification.

Cast iron Aqualux baths are massive and durable, they cannot be distinguished from their Italian counterparts. Moreover, both in design and in reliability.

Chinese sanitary ware Medea

Another Chinese manufacturer, Medea, which offers acrylic bathtubs, as well as other plumbing fixtures, is worthy of positive ratings. For the first time in Ukraine the firm has established itself on the positive side 12 years ago. The buyer is attracted by the assortment of faucet collections – every connoisseur of aesthetics will find here a product “to his liking”. Today, in Europe in general and in Ukraine in particular, acrylic bathtubs are popular – it is them that are offered in the assortment by the well-known brand of Chinese sanitary ware Medea.

Chinese acrylic products can compete with European samples not only in price, but also in quality. The main qualities of the products are lightness, originality of lines, as well as durability. The acrylic used meets European standards for density and composition.

Chinese plumbing Arpollo

It is impossible not to mention another manufacturer of sanitary ware from China – Arpollo. Samples of its products belong to the category of “business”, and the quality of products can only be said from the positive side. The fact that Appollo baths are used in numerous spa centers in Northern and Western Europe speaks volumes. The phrase “plumbing from China” should not be afraid. Very often, the choice of plumbing products from the Middle Kingdom is very reasonable – just do not rush when choosing a specific manufacturer or model. When choosing plumbing, the determining factor should not be the country of manufacture, but a specific brand.

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