Popular products from China

Popular products from China

Popular products from China are in great demand around the world. This is not surprising, because ordering goods in Chinese stores is very convenient. In addition, many Chinese brands of clothing, cosmetics and technology are of high quality and affordable price.

In this article we will look at the most popular products from China and their price range.

  1. Wireless headphones
  2. Fitness bracelets
  3. Serum
  4. Car phone holder
  5. Women’s backpacks
  6. Match Tea
  7. Quadcopters
  8. Sneakers
  9. Water Bottles
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Wireless headphones

You no longer need to untangle the headphones for a long time or be afraid to catch the wire. These headphones are very comfortable when playing sports or driving. On the market there are many models of wireless headphones in different price categories. But it is worth remembering that the quality of the headphones directly depends on their price.

Price: from 250 to 10 000 UAH

Fitness bracelets

Fitness bracelets from China

This device will help to deal with sleep mode, power and activity better than any mobile application. Fitness bracelet will replace several applications at once. In addition, you will not need to constantly carry a smartphone. They are comfortable and, moreover, all the data of the fitness bracelet will be stored in your smartphone.

Price: from 200 to 20 000 UAH


Serum from China

China is one of the best manufacturers of eyelash, face and eyebrow serums. Nowhere can you find such a wide range of serums, as on Chinese sites. Many girls order them there, because in our country it is quite difficult to find these goods. In addition, the site can read a lot of reviews and choose for themselves the best option.

Price: from 75 to 12 000 UAH

Car phone holder

This device has many advantages. First, the phone is always in sight. This is especially useful if you use the navigator. Secondly, no need to think where to put the phone, sitting in the car. You no longer have to worry that he might fall.

There are several types of holders: magnetic, suction and holders with installation on the duct. The main thing will be determined with the place of attachment and pick up the holder corresponding to the design of the cabin.

Price: from 50 to 6 000 UAH

Women’s backpacks

Women's backpacks from China

The backpack not only perfectly complements any fashionable image, but is also very convenient in everyday life. Especially popular became backpacks with sequins, leather and logos with brands. In Chinese online stores, you can choose a backpack for every taste.

Price: from 60 to 60 000 UAH

Match Tea

Tea Match from China

This bright green powder contains many vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It also improves immunity, concentration, reduces cholesterol and improves skin condition. The match is originally from China. Therefore, it is so easy to find in Chinese stores. When buying tea you should pay attention to its color. It should be bright green. Also, quality tea can not be cheap. Do not try to buy a match at a low price, otherwise you risk getting unpleasant taste and little use.

Price: from 250 to 500 UAH


Quadcopters from China A quadcopter is an aircraft with a built-in camera for shooting. It is easy to control with a remote, and inside there is a built-in battery. Quadcopter is used not only for entertainment purposes, but also professional photographers. The quadcopter can climb to a height of up to 350 meters, capturing impressive views. To shoot a video, launching the device costs no more than 200 meters, otherwise the quality is sharply reduced.

Price: from 5,000 to 40,000 UAH


Sneakers from China In China, just a huge number of brands of sneakers. You can choose any material: mesh, synthetic, cotton, rubber. They can be casual, sporty or running. And most importantly, the price remains low even with high quality.

Price: from 700 to 5 000 UAH

Water Bottles

Bottles for water from China Bottles are becoming more popular every year. They are useful if you go for a jog or gym. And on a walk you will not forget about the drinking regime, because there is always a bottle of water in the bag.

The stores have a rather small selection of bottles. It is not always possible to find the desired color, size or shape. But with the help of Chinese websites, this problem can be solved easily. Thanks to the large selection, you can easily find what you need, and the delivery will not take long.

Price: from 120 to 700 UAH


Sunglasses from China They have always been an indispensable accessory for every day. With their help, you can emphasize your style and personality. Chinese brands are closely monitoring all trends points. After all, the fashion for them changes every year. Only there you can get the latest news at an affordable price.

Price: 50 to 300 UAH

Thus, buying popular products from China is beneficial for several reasons: low cost, a wide range of products, quality delivery and a refund. This is due to the popularity of the above products. After all, acquiring even one product, its cost along with delivery will be lower than in the store.

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