Sea transportation of goods

Sea transportation is one of the most efficient and popular types of transportation of goods over long distances.

Water occupies the surface of the globe. And routes can be laid according to the most optimal schemes. This type does not depend on the railway junction or the availability of roads. In addition, it allows you to move large-sized objects. Since there are very few restrictions, the delivery procedure is simplified and cheaper.

Sea transportation

Sea transportation can be used to transport the following types of cargo:

  • liquid;
  • building materials;
  • bulk materials;
  • various products and raw materials;
  • food;
  • industrial machinery and more.

Carriage by sea requires compliance with certain rules for storing materials. The most popular and reliable type of storage is the use of containers. Transportation of goods in separate containers ensures not only safety, but also inviolability.

Containers, in turn, may differ in size or type. Standard, or as they are also called “dry” containers, are the most popular. If it is necessary to transport heavy materials or small objects, 20-foot containers are used. And for light but bulky goods, tall containers of 40 feet are used. If you need to transport goods that do not require high-quality packaging and respect, then they are sent by bulk method. Usually, this method is used to deliver bulk building materials.

Frequently, the service of carriage of goods by sea comes with an escort. Transport companies take care of everything. And responsibility concerning both the delivery of materials from the place of departure to the customer’s warehouse, and the execution of all necessary documents.

Cost of cargo transportation by sea

Transportation by sea is the optimal and reliable way to deliver goods anywhere. Compared to other types of transportation, their main advantage is the price. Long-distance delivery is cheaper than transportation by road or rail. The lower cost of transportation by sea is due to the lower fuel consumption.

In addition, the method is popular for its versatility. There are practically no restrictions on the type or size of goods. Due to the special design of the containers, loading goods does not take much time. Sea freight is the best way to overcome economic difficulties.

In recent years, trade has dropped significantly. And international sanctions have also had negative consequences. So instead of the usual routes, many companies have to develop new, more efficient flights. The cost of shipping is based on two components – direct transportation and customs clearance. If the cargo is delivered by container, then the cost will vary within 1 euro per kilogram. The more compact the cargo is, the cheaper its delivery will be. For heavy materials, the cost of transportation can be around 0.2 – 0.4 euros per kg. If we focus on the example of a 20-foot container, the delivery cost will vary between 3500-4500 euros per container.

International shipping

Despite the fact that the carriage of goods by sea transport has many undeniable advantages, this customs area in terms of development is considered one of the most difficult. It is based on a huge number of sources of legal regulation, as well as on the norms of international and domestic laws of many countries.

Legal regulation of the delivery of goods by sea is based on 3 international conventions:

  • The Hague Rules . The convention was signed in August 1924 in Brussels. Considered the oldest and most popular international agreement, the carrier is obliged to ensure the safety of products and keep the ship in good condition. If the cargo was damaged due to the fault of the crew, the carrier does not bear any responsibility.
  • Visby Rules . It was adopted in Brussels in February 1968. Some changes have affected the rules related to the bill of lading.
  • Hamburg Rules . In March 1978, the UN tried to develop an agreement that would completely replace the old rules. This convention was signed on March 30 in Hamburg.

The Hague Rules have been repeatedly criticized for tariffs and some outdated concepts, so they have been modernized and corrected to reflect complaints and concerns. Since 1992, the Hamburg Rules entered into force on the international arena and are still relevant today. Usually applied if an agreement is signed between two states.

The peculiarities of sea transportation under the Hamburg Rules are that the agreement is signed if the following conditions are met:

  • The port where the cargo is loaded must belong to one of the participating countries.
  • If there is a document confirming the reliability of the fact of signing the agreement. It can be a bill of lading or a customs waybill and must be issued by a participating country.
  • The port where the cargo will be unloaded must be located on the lands of one of the recipient states.

Also the Hamburg Rules have made major adjustments to existing international terminology. The role of the carrier was revised and now the concepts of the contractor and the party that entered into the contract were separated.

Sea freight service

Sea transport is mainly used when the goods need to be delivered over a long distance. The vessels have a high carrying capacity, so they can deliver up to 20,000 containers in one voyage. International cargo transportation by sea involves the movement of goods between ports of different states, but transportation can also be domestic. Our company provides services for the organization, as well as the calculation of cargo transportation.

Our advantages:

  • Since we provide sea lines with a large volume of orders, our organization receives large discounts on the cost of freight. So we have the most affordable sea freight prices for our clients.
  • All goods are transported in sealed containers. So the cargo is protected from unauthorized entry, as well as from various external factors.
  • All transportation is carried out strictly within the agreed time frame, and the movement of ships is in full accordance with the established schedule.

Our organization will undertake the delivery of cargo by sea transport from anywhere in the world to any region of our country and vice versa. The cost of sea transportation of goods can be negotiated on an individual basis. And it will depend on a variety of factors. If you are our regular customers, we have prepared several advantageous offers for you.

What services we provide:

  • choose the most optimal route for transporting goods or materials;
  • calculate competitive freight rates;
  • we will issue all the necessary export certificates for the ports of loading and unloading;
  • control of the movement of cargo throughout the entire route;
  • we control the loading of the container while it is with the sender.

Employees of our company are ready to start organizing shipping any day and any time. To get answers to your questions, please contact our consultants by phone or online. During the consultation, you will also be able to clarify the approximate cost of transportation. To do this, you just need to tell what type of cargo needs to be delivered, the port of unloading and loading. And a detailed description of the cargo, its weight, dimensions and other nuances.

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