Shopping in Pattaya (Thailand)

Recently, shopping in Pattaya enjoys great popularity and this is a perfectly logical explanation – it is profitable, convenient and an opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

Shopping in Thailand

Shopping in Thailand

Thailand is a dream for a tourist … and for a businessman. This country is famous for its comfortable resorts and very low prices for consumer goods. So if you are flying to the most popular Thai resort in Pattaya – take with you only a shirt and shorts. All the rest you can buy on the spot without burdening your budget. If you are a businessman and are looking for products for your online store or showroom – carefully take a closer look at this direction.

In Thailand, they trade everywhere. In galleries, on the streets, markets, huge shopping centers, warehouses and internet sites. This country lives in tourism and trade. Heavenly place for rest and for shopping. Or their combination.

Profitable shopping in Pattaya

Advantages are weight. The widest range of products and the constant renewal of product lines, very low prices, high quality products (unlike some known sites, here you do not need to think about the percentage of rejects in the shipment), convenient express shipping from Thailand on favorable terms. Besides, it’s nice to deal with Thai people – they keep their word.

What to buy in Pattaya?

In Thailand – a real paradise for those who need to buy goods for body and soul. Here you can find at the lowest prices a wide range of such groups of products:

  • food, including exotic foods
  • clothes, for the most part summer,
  • Cosmetics;
  • shoes;
  • a variety of accessories;
  • souvenirs
  • works of art
  • handmade local craftsmen’s products
  • medicines and medical products
  • electronics;
  • And even cars.

The product range is huge. Here you can buy both copies of couture things, and completely original exotic things, made by hand in a single copy.

A separate conversation – cosmetics from Thailand. Very high quality, made from natural products according to local traditions of healing and body care. It is now becoming a hit in European countries. Pay special attention to it.

And why is it worth buying in Thailand?

It would seem, why buy things so far, beyond the sea? However, shopping in Pattaya is really unrealistic. And the reason for this is not exotic, but quite mercantile interest. This is the price.

The cost of production in Thailand is several times lower than in our country always. In addition, there are always discounts – and not New Year or on the eve of new collections. And with them and without that the low prices become very appetizing, whether you buy for yourself or for resale.

What about logistics (delivery from Pattaya)?

Despite the fact that Thailand is quite far away, it is quite affordable and convenient shopping. To date, shipping from Pattaya is done by air and sea. The prices for it are not high, and the terms – from five days to several weeks (in the case of delivery of goods by sea). In addition, companies that deliver goods from Thailand can be trusted. Cargoes are not lost and arrive at the addressee on time.

Companies that carry out logistics will help you with the registration of documents and customs clearance, and also take care of your cargo at all stages.

Of course, the cost will affect the weight of the cargo, its volume, as well as factors such as the urgency and the final point of arrival of the goods. You can calculate the cost in advance. To do this, there are special online calculators (look, for example, on the site However, experience shows that buying goods in Pattaya is profitable.

So, discover Thailand from a new perspective – as new opportunities for your business and as a place to buy. A fascinating shopping in Pattaya is waiting for you.

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