The most beautiful cities in Europe

The most beautiful cities in Europe

Firstly all travelers, even beginners, have their own ratings of beautiful cities in Europe. As a result their basis is films, stories of experienced tourists and friends, television programs and opinions of travel bloggers. So the only thing that always remains indisputable is that Europe is the most visited tourist region with a rich historical past, diverse architecture and a unique atmosphere. Certainly each city is unique and carries the charm of entire eras and centuries-old traditions of urban planning.

For example it is in Europe you can touch the works of the famous Gaudi, feel the spirit of the great Mozart, enjoy the works of artists of the Renaissance, to feel part of the royal family.

Popular beautiful cities of Europe

So as you know, the theater begins with a hanger, and the beautiful cities of Europe with famous capitals.

  • Eternal Rome. By right, for a long time this city was considered not only the capital of Italy, but of the world. Also the city is littered with architectural monuments, historical landmarks, temples, theaters and museums.

 The most beautiful cities in Europe - Rome The most beautiful cities in Europe – Rome

  • Romantic Paris. He overthrows lovers on the spot not only the famous Eiffel Tower, but also the narrow cozy streets and the breathtaking aroma of freshly baked croissants.

 The most beautiful cities in Europe - Paris The most beautiful cities in Europe – Paris

  • Majestic Vienna. It is a city of castles and palaces, gardens and parks, a city where music is frozen in luxurious architecture. The capital will envelop you with the invigorating aroma of coffee and the famous strudel.

 The most beautiful cities in Europe - Vienna The most beautiful cities in Europe – Vienna

  • Royal London. Proud and extraordinary, he is attracted by the opportunity to touch the life of the great monarchs, to plunge into the atmosphere of aristocracy and sophistication.

 The most beautiful cities in Europe - London The most beautiful cities in Europe – London

  • Fairy Prague. The capital deserved to be called the revived architectural encyclopedia. The charm of tiled roofs and the closely pressed houses to each other won the heart of more than one traveler.

 The most beautiful cities in Europe - Prague The most beautiful cities in Europe – Prague

Beautiful European Cities You Didn’t Know About

Imperceptible nooks and little-known cities of Europe can conquer the hearts of even experienced travelers. It is only a little to turn from the trampled routes and the eyes will open a magical little-known world of scenic places of good old Europe. Perhaps they are not at all fashionable and untwisted, but thereby more soulful and charming.

  • Calm Colmar (France). Calm and peace is in the air of a small town. A distinctive Alsatian style and amazing French wine will not leave anyone indifferent.

 Beautiful European Cities - Colmar Beautiful European Cities – Colmar

  • Fairy Gdansk (Poland). Narrow streets, gingerbread houses seemed to have disappeared from the pages of a fairy tale. Warm, fragrant pastries blend perfectly with the cold Baltic Sea.

 Beautiful European Cities - Gdansk Beautiful European Cities – Gdansk

  • Mysterious Goreme (Turkey). A real open-air museum is a complex of an ensemble of existing churches and former monasteries carved into the rock.

 Beautiful European Cities - Goreme Beautiful European Cities – Goreme

  • Multicolored Manarola (Italy). But it seems that a tiny town on a cliff is about to break off and fall into the waters of the Ligurian Sea.  Also quiet streets, colorful turret houses and the delightful Italian dolce vita you will remember for a lifetime.

 Beautiful European Cities - Manarola Beautiful European Cities – Manarola

  • Colorful Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). But it is hard to believe that about 20 years ago there was practically nothing left of the city. But the efforts of the locals restored the original charm of the ancient city of the Balkans.

 Beautiful European Cities - Mostar Beautiful European Cities – Mostar

Enumerate the most beautiful beautiful cities in Europe can be infinite. After all, someone prefers amazing nature, someone – incomparable architecture, and someone of history and atmosphere. Some want to go for a long time known and paved routes, and others – to discover the unexplored paths, where the foot of a seasoned traveler rarely walked. Both desires are worthy and simply binding.

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