What is an Export Declaration

The export declaration is an important customs document that confirms the legitimacy of the committed trade . International trade has become commonplace. So there are a number of documents accompanying sales transactions according to customs legislation at the world level.

What is an export declaration

If you want to take the goods abroad, then a closed export declaration confirms the fact that the goods left the country of departure. When the document was correct and without the slightest kind of error. The seller may receive a refund of value added tax. If there were mistakes in this document. Then the sender may have not only legal, but also financial problems.

Depending on the terms of the trade transaction, according to the international rules of INCOTERMS 2010, the declaration will be processed accordingly. Filling can be carried out both by the seller and the buyer.

However, the overwhelming majority of subjects of transactions use the intermediary services of transport companies. Which not only carry out transportation, but also undertake customs clearance.

EX-1 Export Declaration

The EX-1 document confirms the fact of export transactions for goods produced or sold in the territory of the European Economic Union. Thanks to this document, you can avoid VAT (value added tax) tax. Export declaration

Based on the European Union countries in a single customs space, filling out the paper version of the declaration is not required. Instead, you need to fill electronic version. And assign an individual identification code provided to enterprises engaged in export-import operations. Thanks to this system, customs procedures are quick as possible.

Even after filling out the EX-1 declaration is considered open, there is a likelihood of inspection of cargo at customs. The document is closed after crossing the border. Based on the export declaration, you can find out the customs value of the goods. If this document is absent, the customs officer has the right to request a cost estimate of the product.

Export Declaration for China Trade Transactions

The export declaration shows the type of product and its cost. Incorrect filling out the document is fraught with heavy fines at customs. Chinese customs officials extremely meticulously check the consistency of the data indicated in the declaration and the actual products. There is a possibility of a refund from 8% to 17% of the declares price.

The export declaration registration number consists of 18 numbers:

  • first four are the identifier of the customs authority of past clearance;
  • second four are a year;
  • ninth digit is “1” for import operations, “0” for export;
  • the last nine are the order number.

The presence of a seal confirm the authenticity of the declaration.

Thus, correctly completed export declaration is not only confirmation of a foreign trade transaction. But it is also the possibility of returning part of the value-added tax.

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