What is the reason for the popularity of delivery of goods from China

Transportation of goods from China

Cargoes from the Middle Kingdom come to our country in huge quantities and are transported with great pleasure and hunting.

Why is there such a rush in shipping goods from China? There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. Gone are the days when Chinese goods were considered useless and were perceived by buyers to be fundamentally negative. In the modern market, Chinese goods occupy an extensive niche, their assortment is simply striking in its diversity. This situation was due to the Chinese economic miracle, which allowed China to cover 70% of the world market. As of today, Chinese goods are inherent in really good quality, which was so lacking in the past. This became possible due to the concentration of the production of the most famous brands in China. Due to tax incentives, Chinese goods have a lower cost price compared to Europe. The preferential tax regime promotes the production of good quality goods and their sale at affordable prices. All this gives rise to an increased demand for cheap, but high-quality Chinese products.
  2. The developed transport infrastructure of China should not be disregarded either. In terms of length, Chinese roads are leading in the world. The Chinese can rightfully boast of the excellent quality of their highways. Global road construction enables the driver to choose the route for transporting goods from several options. It should be noted that it is much more profitable to deliver Chinese goods than to bring them from Europe. Transportation of groupage cargo from China is generally out of competition.
  3. Air freight from China is no less popular than road freight. This is due to the cheapness of Chinese air transportation in comparison with Ukraine and other countries of the world.
  4. Inexpensively you can transport goods from China to Ukraine by rail. This option is suitable for transporting large and bulky consignments of goods, but it is time-consuming. In terms of cost, Chinese rail transportation is much lower than Ukrainian one.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs engaged in cargo transportation from China have the opportunity to increase and diversify the assortment of goods necessary for people by several times, thereby strengthening and expanding their business, which is why buying Chinese goods is relevant for both buyers and sellers.

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