What you should bring from Italy

Bring from Italy products – a whim or great idea

Goods from Italy – is it worth something to carry? You can often hear that shopping on vacation is a waste of money. After all, buy a similar product that is in your country, pay for luggage and millions of other reasons. Yes, this may be so, but not with Italy. Italy is a country with unique products of its own. Moreover, the range may seem limitless. This and things, and incredibly delicious alcohol, food and many other products that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Therefore, when you go to Italy, the question becomes how to choose the most necessary. After all, instead of Italian products, you can buy not what the Italian spirit will give. For this, it is necessary to understand which product categories you want to give preference to. And if you have purchased too many things or want to make a bulk purchase, then the East European Express will help with delivery and customs issues for any cargo.

Italian Products

Italy is a region famous for its incredible beauty of olive groves. Products - bring from Italy Therefore, the variety of types of olives and olives is simply incredible. But this does not stop the gastronomic preferences for shopping in Italy:

  • Cheeses. They are also very many species. And, importantly, in the farm shops, you can find a cheese that you don’t buy anywhere else. Yes, and prices are very reasonable.
  • Olive oil. Ideal value for money. Many types, both classic and with additives.
  • Prosciutto. Meat that melts in the mouth and decorate the taste of any salad. Unique cooking technology and a great selection.
  • Pasta. Pasta, ravioli. Plain, with onions, herbs, ink, cuttlefish. It’s no wonder Italy is in first place for the consumption of pasta.
  • Pesto sauce. You must have seen it on the shelves of your store. But no one anywhere will cook as pesto as in the birthplace of this sauce a true Italian.

Bergamot in Italy is used not only for tea. Chip Italian cuisine is olive oil with bergamot and bergamot jam. But for lovers of spice it is worth pampering yourself with hot peppers from the Calabrian coast.

Things and shoes that you can bring from Italy

 Clothing - bring from Italy You did not forget that Milan is the fashion capital. Therefore, it is in Italy you can find branded items of great quality at an affordable price. This is due to the huge number of sales. Also, you should pay attention not only to branded items, because Italy cares about quality and convenience. Great design, comfortable fit and natural fabrics – this is what everyone needs.

Leather goods. Italian leather is far away a dozen years, occupies a leading position. As many say, “having once bought a leather jacket in Italy, it is likely that great-grandchildren will come to Italy again.” Accordingly, the quality of leather shoes is also top notch. And, importantly, the Italians are very concerned about the health of your feet. Therefore, the comfort of a long walk – provided. Such products from Italy will appeal to everyone.

Italian Alcohol

As in any European country, frankly bad alcoholic beverages  Alcohol - bring from Italy there is no a priori. But tasty and good – a lot. Italian wines are not inferior to French. Moreover, each region has its own special taste, thanks to its variety and climate. We advise you to purchase several different wines, for example from the central and Mediterranean region. Also, do not disregard sparkling wines, such as Fragolino. Local ordinary and sparkling wines have a fairly low cost and at the same time great taste.
In addition to the above, you should take an alcoholic drink – limoncello. This is a kind of tincture, but very light and with unusual notes on the palate. Consider buying different homemade tinctures from the locals. They are different, and the taste depends on the technology of preparation. For many, tinctures are not just a way to make money – this is a hobby in which they invest their soul. Bring a piece of the heart of Italy.


 Souvenirs - bring from Italy No, you should not pay attention to the charms” I love Italy “and other unnecessary trinkets made in China. There are many accessories and souvenirs that you should definitely grab! For example, products from Murano glass, believe me, you will not find analogues anywhere. In Venice, it is worth buying Venetian bronze lamps with gold leaf, because they will remind you of the culture of Italy, every time you look at them.

Have you heard of lace from the island of Burano? But it is precisely there that one can find products of incredibly talented and unique work. Lace napkins, blouses, tablecloths and even umbrellas are not just a souvenir, but the fact that you can use and please yourself every day.Products that you can bring from Italy can be very diverse, but try to pay attention to what you will not find anywhere else.

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