Clothes for newborns from Europe

Children are our everything, and every mom wants to give her child only the best, this applies to nutrition, development, and health. Health is directly related to how the baby is dressed, because it is necessary to select clothes in accordance with the weather conditions and the individual characteristics of the baby.

Clothes for newborns

In the cold season, special attention should be paid to the quality of clothing, because it should be made only of soft natural fabrics with comfortable seams to reduce the risk of irritation and diaper rash. Well, and, of course, all mothers want their children to be the most elegant and beautiful. The development of children’s fashion today allows you to find exactly those things that will suit mothers and their babies in all respects. Many mothers prefer baby clothes for newborns from Europe, the quality of which has been confirmed for many years by brands of baby clothes from Lithuania. European clothes for newborns have always been distinguished by their special quality and durability. Lithuanian clothing for
babies are always available in online stores and ordering it will not be difficult for anyone. Today we’ll talk about the two most popular brands.


We present to you Lithuanian clothes for newborns from the Lorita brand. This brand began its work in 1994. She produces clothes for both newborns and young children. Annual replenishment of seasonal collections allows even the most demanding customers to pick up things.

All clothes are made only from natural materials, and the following are used in production:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • bamboo;
  • merino wool.

All fabrics are certified, so the Lithuanian children’s clothing “Lorita” is distinguished by its practicality and durability. In the assortment of this brand you can find all types of underwear, booties, summer and autumn overalls, hats and caps … in a word, everything that kids need. In addition, I would like to draw your attention to children’s clothes made of merino wool from the company “Lorita”.

Distinctive features of this material are:

  • very soft fabric texture that does not irritate the skin;
  • natural elasticity of merino wool, which prevents things from losing their shape;
  • the structure of the fibers in the form of flakes, which gives the merino wool water repellency;
  • breathable fabric to create perfect thermoregulation around your baby.

As we can see, baby clothes for newborns “Lorita” made of merino wool are ideal for newborns in cool weather.

But, in addition to clothes, in the cold season, warm blankets and envelopes for babies are also needed, with which walks for crumbs will become a favorite pastime.


In this case, we suggest you consider the Lithuanian brand “Flokati”.

Many mothers and housewives dream of buying goods from the Flokati company, which has established itself as the best manufacturer of high quality wool products. All products are tested and meet Oeko-Tech® 100 and Woolmark standards.

In the assortment of this Lithuanian brand we can find:

  • bedding;
  • clothes for newborns;
  • clothes for aunt and adults;
  • belts made of wool and sheepskin;
  • home shoes and insoles.

I would like to pay special attention to sheepskin envelopes for newborns and soft hypoallergenic woolen blankets. They are not only warm but also very cozy. Due to their unique properties, they will not be cold in winter and will be cool in summer!


In case of the most severe frosts, Lassie winter overalls will come to the rescue. This European brand has long established itself on the market. He offers winter, demi-season and fleece overalls, the colors of which always delight customers with their variety.

The main advantages of Lassie overalls are:

  • water repellent properties of the material;
  • breathable and windproof collar;
  • the presence of reflective elements;
  • comfortable detachable hood;
  • elasticated waist and cuffs;
  • the ability to keep warm down to -35 degrees.

Overalls “Lassie” are Finnish quality, original design, reliability and protection of the baby in any bad weather.

As you can see, children’s clothing from European brands will keep your little dandies from freezing.

You are wondering where to order baby clothes from Europe?

The answer is simple! It can always be found in our Kidyeu online store. There you will find Lithuanian clothes for newborns at attractive prices. In addition, there are always interesting offers for you in the form of pleasant discounts and sales on the Lassie, Lorita, Flokati models. Don’t miss the new collections today!
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