Ordering goods from China with delivery to Ukraine

Ordering goods from China

Ordering goods from China is in great demand among the majority of Ukrainians. It is an opportunity to buy a fashionable thing and save money. Usual customers have switched to online payments a long time ago. Waiting for one month, but no need to waste time on long journeys, paperwork and much more. So how to order goods from China?

Step 1. Find a marketplace

When ordering goods from China, you should carefully study all trading platforms where Chinese products are sold. When choosing a product, it is advisable to pay attention not to its cost, although this is an important criterion, but to the terms and methods of delivery, as well as the method of payment. Most of the popular resources work with well-known payment systems and willingly accept payments from Russian banks. But some sites may not support the international system, then you will have to choose another way to pay for your purchase.

Step 2. Registration

Registration on the site is a necessary operation, without which you will not be able to order or pay for the goods. For most users, this item does not cause great complications and they easily carry it out.
To register, you will need to provide your data, full name, phone number, email address. Mail and come up with a password to enter.
Since the sites are foreign, the registration must be in English.

Step 3. Purchase

To order a product from China, you need to select the desired item and make a purchase by adding it to your cart.
The only way to purchase a product on the site is to go to the “Cart” section and place an order.
When placing an order, you must indicate the delivery address.
The last item will be the payment for the goods. This can be done in any convenient way presented on the site.

Step 4. Confirmation of purchase

Immediately after the transfer of funds client will receive a notification of the payment.
To complete the transaction, you must follow the instructions that come in the letter. Thus, the customer confirms the purchase he has chosen.

Step 5. Receiving the goods

East European Express offers a selection of goods and their delivery from China .

Delivery time depends on many factors, but usually the parcel is sent within one month. Sometimes you have to wait 2 – 3 months for a purchase.

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