Shipping from Europe: what you need to know

Shipping from Europe

Shipping from Europe has become a daily reality for many commercial structures. A wide selection of quality products and attractive prices. This contributes to the further expansion of Ukrainian companies in the European market.

But what ensures the growing volumes of cargo transportation from Europe? Security of trade transactions, guarantee of timely delivery of goods. As well as stable demand for these products in Ukraine. However, before shipping from Western European countries, you should study the specifics in this area.

The first feature of cargo delivery from Europe

Firstly the most convenient way to delivery of goods from Europe is road transport. Secondly there are many advantages of this option of cargo transportation. For example speed of cargo delivery, low cost, availability. What is the guarantee of a calm and safe road transport of goods across Europe? The well-established law enforcement system of the states of the European community. But also with the clear work of the traffic police.

Second feature of cargo delivery from Europe

From countries adjacent to Ukraine, goods are recommended to be imported through customs checkpoints. These are the recommendations of many experienced carriers and buyers. When evading mandatory payments, liability is provided in the form of a complete withdrawal of the transported cargo and sending this batch to the country of origin of the goods.

Third feature of cargo delivery from Europe

Ukraine, being a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), enjoys preferential treatment in terms of execution of accompanying commodity-transport documents. At the same time, there is an established list of documentary support for some cargo transportation. Such documentation is:

  • Declaration form EX-1,
  • CMR waybill,
  • transit declaration T-1,
  • certificates for imported products (international standard).

A packing list is also required. This list of accompanying documentation for the transported goods is a guarantee of the smooth passage of goods through customs.

The fourth feature of cargo delivery from Europe

The question often arises:

  • Use the services of freight delivery in a domestic transport company or give preference to a foreign carrier.

The indisputable advantage of foreign cargo carriers is the conscientious, responsible and high-quality fulfillment of all contractual obligations. But, most transport companies operating in the Western European market are extremely reluctant to undertake cargo delivery to Ukraine.

Among the reasons: the poor quality of roads and road transport infrastructure. As well as the criminal situation. The complexity of foreign companies is also caused by long distances of routes across the territory of Ukraine. In comparison with the average European distances. Not in favor of choosing foreign companies their higher rates for services. In view of the foregoing, it would be more rational to give preference to a Ukrainian transport company.

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