Package transportation. Classification and expediency

Package transportation

Freight transportation in a batch way (packet transportation) is widely used today in many trucking companies. The advantages of this cargo transportation are obvious:

  1. The process of loading works takes place automatically. It ensures the safety and proper quality of the cargo. At the same time, labor productivity increases significantly.
  2. Transportation of goods in packages makes it possible to distribute it in the warehouse with maximum efficiency. The packaged goods can be stored in a multi-tiered way.
  3. The batch method of transportation significantly reduces the time of delivery of goods to the destination, as it takes less time for loading and unloading.
  4. Accounting for the transported cargo during transportation in packages becomes much easier. It is carried out automatically, simultaneously with loading and unloading.

The packaged method of transportation helps to increase the volume of transported goods. This is especially true for long-distance international cargo transportation. This was the impetus for the development of new packaging methods. It also entailed the creation of enterprises with more advanced fully automated equipment.

Types of packaging

To form and then combine the cargo into a separate transport package, the following types of packaging are used:

  1. Rack equipment is a superstructure on the floor, consisting of racks linked together. In this way, as a rule, piece goods and goods in containers are packed. Additional tiers can be built on pallets for packaging, on which cargo can also be placed. Rack pallets are necessary for transporting cargo placed in tiers. To securely fix the goods transported on the pallet, the rack pallet is equipped with special racks (capital or folding).
  2. The box type of packaging is used for the transportation or storage of small consignments of goods that do not have any packaging. For example: vegetables, fruits. In this case, the racks are usually either solid or lattice-shaped. Box pallets are made from boards, wood boards or light metals.

To date, many types of pallets have been developed for warehousing and cargo transportation. Each of the types has individual characteristics. They depend on the category of the transported cargo and the conditions of its transportation.

In order to fix the packages intended for transportation, various fastening materials are used. Usually, the cargo is fixed by means of synthetic tapes or special slings. Often, polyethylene film is used for these purposes. It can be used to pack the cargo along with the pallet.

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