How to make money on Aliexpress in Ukraine

How to make money on Aliexpress

How to make money on Aliexpress is real. If you pay attention and is interested in the chosen type of income.

Aliexpress is a store that has established itself in different countries. People have the opportunity to buy goods at low prices. And even a long wait does not stop anyone. Many people have started using Aliexpress as a platform for earning money not only by selling things.

It is important to remember that this site requires costs. So you cannot make a profit without investments.


On the site you can buy cheap, but high-quality goods. You can never deny the lack of unscrupulous sellers or defects in transit. And yet this online store is still afloat. The minimum price is only couple hryvnias, while the maximum has no limits.

AliExpress uses secure payment. This means that the seller receives money only when the goods are picked up at the post office. The site itself warns that waiting for the goods may take 60 days. In the case of goods that did not arrive, you can always return your money.

Affiliate program

Earnings on an affiliate program is the most popular. It is enough to get a link, and distribute it on the network. For example on your blog, website or send it to everyone you know. It is important to remember that the link only works when the person who clicked on it ordered something.

To make sales go better, many create thematic communities related to Aliexpress. This helps to immediately find an audience that will definitely want to order something. The site’s official partners are ePN and Admirad.

Product resale

The prices on the site are very low, even taking into account the paid delivery with Aliexpress. This is used by many people who want to make money on Aliexpress. When buying a product for several tens of hryvnias, it may turn out that its price in a regular store starts from several hundred hryvnias. This helps to recoup all costs, and always stay in the black. Do not be afraid that the business will not be very profitable, because many people are willing to overpay to receive the goods in a couple of days.

It is important to take light goods so that they pass through customs. The product must be unique and interesting. Do not buy what you can find in the regular market. Asian cute products with cats, faces or other accessories are popular. Or you can opt for the opposite, such as chained collars. Which are very popular and cost a lot of money.


Dropshipping is a popular form of income that reduces the risk of losing money. For him, you need to find a potential customer, and order the goods through yourself. Thus, the customer pays for delivery from China, as well as the extra charge set by the reseller. The downside of this method is the waiting time of 60 days. And the ability of the client to refuse the purchase. There are also scammers who do not send goods or carry out other manipulations just to get money.


Cashback is in many ways similar to affiliate programs, but has differences. To start making money, you also have to take a link and provide it to people. The advantage of cashback is that the return of part of the funds goes not only to the owner of the link. But also to the potential buyer. Thus, there is no need to beg someone to order the goods. Because people themselves are ready for this if they understand that they will return part of the funds. If there are many such buyers, there is an opportunity to build a good passive income. The link works with everyone who clicked on it. And cashback will be credited from each of his purchases as long as the account exists.


This is an opportunity to make money on Aliexpress, but relatively small amounts. Each review is paid, and there is also an opportunity to earn on its views. For this earnings, you do not need to invest money or have previous experience working with the seller. To make the review seem as natural as possible, you can read the opinions of other people about working with the seller, or write about those products that the person is personally familiar with.

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