Delivery of parcel from Europe to Ukraine

Parcel delivery from Europe

A parcel from Europe has recently been a whole event associated with all the complexities of moving goods across the border. Today, millions of Ukrainians have already taken advantage of the opportunity to send and receive parcels from abroad without any problems.

The widespread practice of shopping on the Internet, especially during the pre-holiday sales period, would not have been successful without a well-established system of delivery of parcels and shipments. The main thing is to choose the “right” company, which has gained experience in this field of activity for years.

What goods can be delivered by parcel from European countries

The list of goods that are profitable to buy in Europe is quite wide.

Delivery from Europe has become commonplace. Most often, the following products are chosen:

  • clothing, including well-known European brands;
  • footwear for women, men, children;
  • cosmetics;
  • accessories;
  • appliances, electronics, gadgets;
  • all kinds of goods for the home, sports and leisure.

But there are also restrictions for the shipment of some items of goods. They are clearly spelled out in the rules and conditions for the movement of international parcels. It is best to be aware of these restrictions to avoid problems and unnecessary costs.

What are the restrictions on the carriage and forwarding of international shipments

Parcels from Europe will not be accepted if someone wants to forward similar items:

  • weapons, firearms and cold steel, ammunition;
  • narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • medicines, food additives;
  • alcoholic beverages, cigarettes;
  • antiques;
  • jewelry;
  • works of art;
  • pornographic products;
  • brands, etc.

They will also not accept poisonous substances, as well as any materials and goods that can harm a person, carry a danger if damaged during transportation.

When sending and transporting goods by air, there is also an additional list of prohibited items, which can be found on the websites of logistics companies that professionally deliver parcels.

How can a parcel be delivered from Europe

It does not matter whether the product is purchased in an online store, or purchased personally, the main thing is to deliver it safe and sound. Desirable quickly and as cheaply as possible. And so that there are no problems with customs.

Better yet, buy multiple items at once. For example, you need gifts for Christmas, for the New Year holidays, but the tastes of family and friends are different.

Reputable logistics companies, as a rule, provide a wide range of services and deliver all parcels with a guarantee, the choice of the company is yours.

Most consumers prefer to be able to track the location of the shipment via the Internet.

Tracking parcels from Europe using tracking is a very convenient function. Usually, the websites of logistics companies provide such a service.

Any parcel can be tracked and tracked from the beginning of dispatch to the destination. You just need to know the parcel (track) number, which must be provided by the company managers.

You can send at least a whole container of goods, or even several.

And if there are not so many products, and they are bought in different stores?

Consolidation of parcels

Let’s say if several products are purchased at different retail outlets. In this case, it is convenient to combine parcels, this service is used in the same way as the service of consolidation (consolidation) of goods. This is beneficial as it reduces shipping costs.

A package from Europe is always a great product purchased at reasonable prices, and a great opportunity to please loved ones with a gift.

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