Avene – medical cosmetics from Europe

Medical cosmetics from Europe

Cosmetics from Europe Avene help you to feel the effect of hydrotherapy by the Aven waters in different parts of the world. The quiet town of Aven in the Upper Languedoc National Park has long become a health center. Unique nature and mild climate help to restore the strength and health spent in the “big world”. The therapeutic thermal springs located at the foot of the Seven Hills are especially popular with spa tourists. They are famous for their healing properties far beyond these cozy places.

The long journey of healing fluid to people

The water in the Avensky thermal spring is precipitation, which, under the influence of gravity, travels a long way through the system of natural mountain drains. During its journey to the foot of the Cévennes, rainwater acquires a lot of properties that are most useful for humans. In particular, it becomes just an ideal remedy for the regular care of sensitive skin, which constantly needs to be saturated with silicates and other elements contained in rocks. According to scientists, the mineral composition of Avenskaya water has the ability to soften irritated skin and restore its natural balance. This is confirmed by numerous biological, pharmacological and clinical studies. At the local hydrotherapy center, this thermal water is used to combat a range of serious skin conditions and lesions:

  • dermatitis,
  • psoriasis,
  • burns.

Available anywhere in the world

Unsurprisingly, the important medicinal properties of the hydrothermal vein formed the basis of the cosmetics brand of the same name. Now people all over the world can feel the softening and restorative effects of the mineral compounds contained in this water. On the market, the funds of this brand are offered today as a panacea for numerous problems that can occur on sensitive skin of any type.

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Cleansing with the Cleanance-K series

There is a high demand for drugs in this series. For mature women who have problems with skin metabolism. And for girls suffering from rashes and allergies to weather changes. According to reviews, unpleasant phenomena disappear after completing a full therapeutic course. It includes the application of a gel cream for areas with extensive lesions and a white pencil to correct local problems. These products are effective on the skin, regardless of:

  • age,
  • climatic zone,
  • seasons,
  • hormonal metabolism.

The cleansing gel and micellar water from this company also received high marks.

Cold cream hand cream

It is great for extremely capricious dry and thin skin. It is especially problematic in winter. Gloves usually can’t protect the wrists and hands from irritation and “frosty pimples”. But this particular cream can help. According to Avene reviews, it has the ability to effectively moisturize and nourish the skin. At the same time, it doesn’t leave a greasy and sticky film on the surface. Also it does not remind of itself after use with a strong obsessive odor. With all this, the cream adheres well to the treated area. And you can safely wash your hands with both shampoo and soap. Additional benefits of this tool are called:

  • its thick consistency,
  • the ability to absorb instantly and an aesthetically pleasing transparency.

Moisturizing face cream

Usually, doubts about its suitability disappear after using one trial package. This cream manages to maintain the normal balance of the skin in winter. The cream does not cause irritation and inflammation even on the most sensitive skin. It usually does not accept preparations made on a different water-mineral basis. After treatment, the skin stops flaking, visibly moisturizes and softens.

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