Direct deliveries from China

Direct deliveries from China – what is it?

Direct deliveries from China are one of the most profitable and convenient types of purchasing goods for further sale. China, as you know, has the largest number of manufactures of various types of goods. That is why, business with China is so in demand. And its popularity is growing every day. This is due to the fact that Chinese manufacturers are able to create products of European and American quality, but at the same time at the lowest price. In addition, the variety of Chinese products is amazing.

If you are interested in deliveries from China, they can be of several types. Direct and indirect deliveries. Indirect deliveries have an intermediary who purchases goods from manufacturers and resells you at a different price. But often this is one of the possible options. Since traveling to China and making purchases on your own is not always possible. Direct deliveries are purchases from the manufacturer with subsequent delivery to Ukraine. But, to do it yourself is difficult and quite expensive. As a result, buying from an intermediary is more profitable. But, our company will help ensure direct regular deliveries from China.

Why direct deliveries from China are beneficial

Direct deliveries are of interest to many in that for large bulk lots, manufacturers make good discounts. Thanks to the provision of transport logistics, direct deliveries become more possible and profitable. Our company provides not only the delivery of goods, but also deals with the registration of all documentation, both for purchase and for customs clearance.

Also, logistics companies can provide a search service for suppliers of goods. And, importantly, check potential partners by their sources. Which minimizes the possibility of fraud or a bad manufacturer. Direct deliveries to Ukraine allow you to quickly and profitably develop your own business with a constant and stable income. In addition, our company can provide delivery of small orders as well, both from manufacturers and from popular Chinese sites.

Direct delivery ensures that the goods are not damaged by an intermediary and also reduces delivery time. Also, there is another undeniable advantage in direct deliveries. Employees of the logistics company check the goods for defects before shipping. And if found, they are engaged in an exchange with the manufacturer.

Benefits of direct deliveries from China with East European Express

Among the main advantages are:

  • Favorable tariffs for transportation to Ukraine from China. Direct deliveries from China
  • Full support of the cargo.
  • Providing control at all stages of direct delivery.
  • Short deadlines.
  • Permanent communication with the manager to specify at what stage delivery.
  • Cargo safety guarantee.
  • Complete customs clearance.
  • Product quality control.

In the case of cooperation with a company that provides transport logistics from China to Ukraine, direct deliveries are the best option. In addition, it can be any product. Starting from bulky equipment, parts, ending with children’s goods, cosmetics and clothing. Choosing the type of delivery is usually preferred by air, it is the most safe and fast. If this option is not possible due to the characteristics of the goods. Our company will select another, as convenient as possible. Direct deliveries from China are an opportunity to quickly and profitably create your own business, which will soon pay off and begin to generate good income.

In Time delivery from China to Ukraine

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