How to find a supplier in China

How to find a supplier in China

How to find a supplier in China is a very common question among those who want to establish a sales business in Ukraine. This is primarily due to the fact that it is China that is now known for a number of advantages in its products:

  • The quality of American and European products.
  • Fairly low price.
  • Variety of products.
  • Own production from suppliers.
  • Broad coverage of many areas.
  • Continuous development and improvement of products.

That is why, most often they try to enter the Ukrainian market either with domestic goods, products of personal production or made in China. But the popularity of Chinese products also poses a number of difficulties.

There is a huge number of suppliers of goods from China. So it has become very difficult to choose a worthy manufacturer. After all, it is very important to find a reliable manufacturer. But at the same time not at a sky-high price.

How to find a supplier in China yourself?

It is necessary to monitor existing suppliers of the goods you need. This can be either free access to the Internet, or existing compiled catalogs, which can also be found on the Internet. Or through mediation companies.

Search for goods in China and suppliers may be relevant at exhibitions of related or your type of activity . There already finding a suitable manufacturer, you can try to establish direct contact. The advantage of exhibitions is that it is possible to visually check the products, to study them thoroughly. This is especially true for cosmetic products.

What are the reasons to choose a supplier:

  • Reviews. And it is not strange, but the ideal positive reviews, as if written under a carbon copy should confuse first of all. A good manufacturer should not be afraid of criticism.
  • Time to market. If a supplier has just entered the market, and no one has experience with this product, this can lead to disastrous consequences in the form of a bad product.
  • Availability of the necessary quality certificates, as well as production licenses and other necessary documentation.
  • Cost of goods. Both overly high and low are not a sign of a good supplier.

These are the main general criteria for finding a supplier in China yourself, without help.

What is the best independent search or seek help?

Unfortunately, there are always risks when doing an independent search. That is why companies engaged in transport logistics usually provide a search service for suppliers. Why is it worth it to turn to professionals? Firstly, without certain experience there is always a chance of getting into scammers. Which subsequently leads to a loss of money. Also, there is always the risk that an incorrectly drawn up request for product requirements will result in the wrong products being sold to you.

There are frequent cases when without a supply contract, your goods will not arrive. And rarely, anyone can draw up the right contract, which covers all the nuances without the help of professionals. Our company will not only deliver your goods from anywhere in the world. We are also looking for reliable suppliers in China. Thanks to personal databases and many years of experience, we guarantee quality products. How to find a supplier in China, we know for sure what all our customers were convinced of, which allowed them to conduct business without any difficulties and unnecessary costs.

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