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Japan Auctions, what are

Japan’s auctions are not as popular among our region as in the United States of America, but, nevertheless, they are in demand all over the world. This is due to the opportunity to purchase a good quality product at a fairly reasonable price. In addition, for example, the Japanese auction Yahoo! Auctions is one of the largest in the world. Moreover, the variety of goods is simply colossal.

But, it is important to know the rules, as well as the nuances of participation in the auction. Since lack of awareness can lead to what you do not save, but also overpay. Or get a completely unnecessary product. To do this, before taking part in Japanese auctions, you should learn the basic things. This will help you choose the right product, make bets and even pick up your purchase with the lowest cost and complexity.

What are the advantages of auctions in Japan?

It’s better to start with a good one and talk about the benefits. At first glance it may seem that there are very few of them. But, nevertheless, the essence is important, not the quantity. Advantages of Japanese auctions:

  • Cost. Selling different types of goods at auctions is not just Japanese Auctions a game with a competitive engine. You can really save a decent amount. After all, the initial rate is much less than the real value of the lot. And you can be the only one who will bet. And get the desired product for a completely ridiculous money.
  • Unique lots. It is at auctions that you can purchase goods that you cannot buy anywhere else. For example, collectible products, which is just one copy. Or the personal thing of a world famous star. It remains only to find the right product at auction. And kill the rates of everyone who will fight for it.

Disadvantages, like the negative side of Japanese auctions

But, there are also not only positive aspects of such sales activities. Among the shortcomings of Japanese auctions are:

  • You have no guarantees you can become the one who makes the last bet and pick up the lot. Also, you can not be sure of the quality of the goods at one hundred percent.
  • You cannot change your mind and cancel your bet. Therefore, it is worth being not only the fastest, but also to think about your actions.
  • If you won a lot, then you must pay for it, even if your actions were an accident.
  • And, of course, the return or exchange of goods won at the auction – is impossible. Absolutely, like a refund.

But, in fact, all cons are easily avoided. The main thing to study thoroughly the rules of participation in the auction. And also think about every action. And, if you do not have five thousand dollars, do not declare it as your bet. Otherwise, you can get into a very difficult and ugly situation.

Most Popular Auctions in Japan

If we talk about auctions with a variety of goods, and not thematic. Then among the most popular and popular all over the world, you can highlight:

  • Yahoo Japan is one of the largest auctions, which this year marks 20 years. Worldwide delivery is possible.
  • Bidders. Very popular auction due to the variety of products, as well as a very low commission, which is only two and a half percent.
  • Rakuten, used not only as an auction, but as a platform for online purchases. 
  • Mobaoku  auction of the country of the rising sun, which will be relevant for those who like to make purchases from a mobile phone. They have quality apps for the android and ayos systems.
  • Wanted. The oldest auction. Here is a huge amount of goods. And, that the most attractive is no commission. Nothing extra for the implementation of the transaction will not be charged in the form of additional payments.

Also, automobile auctions are popular in Japan. They are mixed and mono type. In the first case at the auction you can find different models and brands of the car. In the second, you will take part in the auction, where a certain brand of cars is represented, for example, as NAA Auction (NAA-Nissan Auto Auction), HAA Auction (Honda Auto Auction).

The most popular mixed-type Japanese auctions are GAO Auction (Global Auction Online) , JU Auction (Japanese Used Auto Auction Group).

How to bid in Japan?

Participation is also possible independently. But there are two problems. The first is Japanese, which few people will understand. And the second is the delivery. Since the goods require customs documents, passing the border and other moments that cause difficulties.

Therefore, most often participating in Japanese auctions goes through an intermediary company that helps bid and advise. Japanese auctions will allow you to purchase the desired product profitably, and In Time will provide safe and high-quality delivery from any corner of the world.

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