Shopping in Turkey – bright moments and exciting emotions

Shopping in Turkey is an exciting oriental adventure with the aroma of coffee and the enigmatic shine of gold, which intrigues and tightens into narrow streets and elite shopping centers. Tourists from all over the world travel to Turkey to feel the pleasant excitement and satisfaction from the purchase. What to look for when choosing products. And where it is profitable to buy the famous Turkish leather goods, jewelry, carpets and dishes?

Shopping in Turkey

 Shopping in Turkey and express delivery of goods

The assortment of goods in Turkey is amazing. On winding eastern streets you can walk for weeks, to be surprised at the huge choice and variety of goods. However, if you do not have too much time, it is worthwhile to study interesting points in advance, where you can profitably buy colorful souvenirs or branded things from designer collections. Knowledgeable people recommend buying in Turkey:

  • Leather – jackets, wallets, bags, belts.
  • Jewelry – Turkey is famous for its jewelers. Author’s jewelry is made in a single copy and sold in small shops.
  • Oriental spices and condiments.
  • Coffee.
  • Sweets – rahat-lukum, baklava, pastille, halva.
  • Fresh olives and olives.
  • Carpets – unique Turkish carpets are sold in specialized shops.
  • Textiles – towels, bed linen.
  • Dishes – ceramics and porcelain with hand-painted are famous throughout the world, and copper vessels were popular even in the times of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Turkish lamps-flashlights.
  • Hookah.
  • Souvenirs from Meershaum – smoking pipes, chess, figurines, ornaments.

The demand for Turkish goods in the world is growing, so even special shopping tours are organized. The main purpose of which is to buy interesting things at the lowest price. However, it is quite possible to organize the trip yourself, and express delivery from Turkey will help you quickly forward the treasure bought home.

Turkey – a variety of discounts and a huge range of

In summer, there is festival of sales in Istanbul. At this time there is a huge influx of buyers from all over the world. And stores do not close their doors even at night. Sales are mainly in large shopping centers, where discounts on branded things reach 70%.

During the festival, the guests will have a rich program – bright performances, concerts and parades last two weeks. There is presentation of the latest design collections, gastronomic and technological exhibitions, lotteries and contests. During the festival, all goods in large stores are sold without taxes and duties. And the Ukrainian tourists can return their money, leaving Turkey.

In small private shops, healthy bargaining is welcome at any time of the year. Turks like to bargain and respect buyers who know how to do it. Therefore, the price may decrease by 40%.

Each region of the country is famous for its branded goods:

  • Cappadocia – beautiful pottery
  • Bursa is an amazing dessert made of chestnuts
  • Marmaris – you can buy the best honey
  • On the coast of the Aegean Sea you will find a luxurious natural soap based on olive oil

The best shopping in Turkey – in Istanbul and Antalya. And during the festival, be sure to visit the avenue Abdi Ipekchi and Istiklal, as well as Sultanahmet Square. The most unusual and original products you will find on the avenue Baharie and Baghdad. Take a look in the Asiatic region to Baghdad Kadeci Street.

The most colorful Turkish souvenirs are on the ancient narrow street in Antalya leading to the port. Here you will find the best painted Turkish dishes, handmade carpets, lamps of bright colored glass. Shopping in Turkey is an unforgettable event with a taste of the East that will stay in your memory for a long time and will only give positive emotions.

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