What to order from the USA

Order goods from USA

Ordering goods from the USA is a great way to make a profitable purchase of those things that are problematic to get in Ukraine or they cost fabulous money. In this article, we will tell you in detail what is profitable to purchase on the Internet trading platforms of distant America and how to do it with minimal risk to yourself.

What is most profitable to order in the USA

No matter how fantastic it sounds, one of the most effective ways to save money is to place online orders on US websites. This statement is especially true for cosmetics, clothing from global brands and electronic gadgets. And this is taking into account the cost of shipping from another continent, which ranges from 25% to 50% of the purchase price.

The low cost of American goods is due to low taxes, duties, and high competition among stores in the same niche. All this leads to the fact that the owners of retail chains set the minimum price tags for their products. In addition, they strictly monitor its quality and assortment.

The most popular among Ukrainians are orders for goods from the USA of the following categories:

  • Clothes. In the United States, the cost of wardrobe items from the latest collections from global brands will be two. Or even three times less than in Ukraine. When ordering clothes on American sites, you can be completely sure that you will be wearing the original. And not a cheap fake. In addition, the choice here is much richer than even in the most expensive domestic boutiques.
  • Cosmetics. All the fair sex, who are sensitive to their beauty, are familiar with popular brands of cosmetics. Such as MAC, Lime Crime, Tarte and Bobbie Brown, Sephora. It is much more profitable to purchase the products of these and other firms in the USA. Moreover, the latest novelties of the cosmetic industry will not be delivered to our country soon.
  • Things for children. Many young parents have already used the services of US online stores. And ordered high-quality goods for their babies at minimal prices, including payment for delivery services. Especially popular are children’s clothes for all ages, car seats, nipple thermometers, bottle sterilizers, educational toys, radio or video nannies, and much more. All American children’s products are certified and absolutely safe for the health of the child, unlike cheap Chinese counterparts.
  • Electronics. For all lovers of cutting-edge gadgets, shipping from the United States is a real salvation. After all, even the latest Apple models with delivery to Ukraine will cost 20% less. And for less elite technology the percentage of savings will be even greater. Our compatriots mostly prefer American smartphones. Smart watches, wireless accessories and other electronics innovations.
  • Equipment for outdoor activities. People who cannot imagine their life without hiking and tourism know perfectly well how much a quality tent and other equipment costs in local brand stores. The most advanced of them have been making purchases on America’s online resources for a long time, since here you can buy high-quality equipment at an order of magnitude cheaper, even taking into account delivery.

Online shopping in the USA and its peculiarities

As statistics show, residents of Ukraine are increasingly visiting various US online stores. If 5 years ago they were people from 25 to 30 years old, now the age range has shifted from 20 to 50 years. This suggests that the audience of adherents of such purchases is constantly expanding.

Websites for ordering goods from the United States of America are quite easy to find, especially this task is simplified if you are looking for a specific thing and speak at least a little English. As a rule, all the most popular manufacturers of clothing, electronics, cosmetics and other similar goods have their own website. For a successful order with delivery from the USA, for the item you like, just make a couple of mouse clicks.

The main question is how to get the selected items, since many large firms do not deliver to the CIS countries, including Ukraine. And not all bank cards issued by Ukrainian cards can be paid on foreign sites.

This problem can be easily solved! Contact the “In Time” company for help. And your order of goods from the USA will be delivered as soon as possible. We will do everything ourselves: we will negotiate with the seller, arrange the purchase and arrange high-quality delivery. Our clients are only required to make a choice!

Do not be afraid to buy on American websites. This is a real opportunity to become the owner of high-quality, fashionable clothes, ultra-modern technology, effective and safe cosmetics, reliable sports equipment and much more – at very affordable prices even for Ukraine!

In Time shipping from the USA

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