Why goods from India are relevant when selling on Amazon

Goods from India on Amazon

Why exactly goods from India? Everything is quite simple, before the entire US market was flooded with goods from China, but today there is a trade war between the US and China. Therefore, it is India that remains one of the most reliable and voluminous markets for the supply of goods for sale on American trading floors.

Uniqueness of goods

The uniqueness of the products is expressed in their originality and handmade work. In addition, these products are valued for their high quality and excellent indicators of the final uniqueness. These same products cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

It is worth mentioning the design separately, since Indian manufacturers devote a lot of time and energy to this issue. Due to this, the Indian assortment is showing constant growth all over the world.

Handicrafts are very expensive, such as: reed or bamboo products, unique blue ceramics, or simply various handmade figurines. You can make good money on these products by increasing the mark-up.

No economic prohibitions or barriers to entry

This is an exclusively political and economic question. Since the state of India does not participate in any trade war with the United States, there are no sanctions on this state either. Accordingly, there are no restrictions on the import or export of goods.

India benefits from a trade war between these states, since the American market is becoming much freer and much easier to compete.

Possibility of ordering products in small quantities

The vast majority of unique products are handicrafts. Since the work is manual, it is not worth talking about any fakes and bulk industrial batches.
The sale is already possible from 20 to 50 products – this is the minimum set by the “Amazon” company. Newbie businessmen order standard batches of goods from India from about 200 to 500 items.

The ability to order small batches is not only a chance to practice your business, but also a good opportunity to test a variety of niches in the American market.

Protection of consumer and property rights

If we consider Chinese partners, then there is a great chance that intellectual property rights will be stolen. In the case of Indian partners, this fact is unlikely, since the Indians themselves are leaders in the development of various software, etc. But again, no one can give a 100% guarantee.

Common language environment

The second most widely spoken language in India is English. Due to this, it is much easier for these two states to establish common ties and build trade.
It is much easier to order goods here, since the majority of Chinese suppliers do not understand either Russian or English at all.

Variety of goods – the result of a large number of raw materials

India is rich in natural and mineral resources. There is absolutely everything here to produce unique goods. Therefore, there are no huge markups on goods. For us, as businessmen, this is very beneficial, since it becomes easier for us to gradually increase the cost of a particular product.

Using charity for personal gain

In India, as in any other state, there are many disadvantaged regions. These regions also produce products and goods that you will later sell. Due to this, you can add a little in the revenue side. It’s just that when placing a product for sale, the description will need to indicate those disadvantaged regions where the product was produced. And just below, write information that part of the money from the purchase of this product will go specifically to the charitable needs of this region.

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