10 gift ideas from Aliexpress

10 gift ideas from Aliexpress for New Year

Many people begin to think about what to give for the New Year to relatives and friends long before the onset of December. The very thoughts of the upcoming favorite festival are pleasan. And it would be nice to “unload” the troubles associated with it in advance. November, from this point of view, is a very good shopping time. You can choose gifts without much haste and at reduced prices, because this month is traditionally marked by mass sales. Read more in “10 gift ideas from Aliexpress”.

Fans of online shopping will certainly not ignore the most popular platform “Aliexpress”, and will do the right thing. An inexhaustible sea of ​​goods for a wide variety of purposes makes it possible to please everyone personally without large financial losses. Well, in what direction to think when choosing New Year’s gifts with Ali, the following selection will tell you!

Idea 1 – Snowflake pendant

Too much jewelry does not happen – any lady will confirm. Moreover, this decoration is seasonal, in a truly winter style, perfectly fitting into the New Year’s surroundings. The graceful snowflake is based on a 925 sterling silver alloy; inlaid with blue stones (artificial topaz) adds a special chic. If you wish, you can assemble a set by ordering a ring and/or a pair of earrings in the same design from the same seller.

Idea 2 – Dessert Mold

You don’t have to be a great pastry chef to cook mouth-watering cookies or homemade candy. If you have special molds, even a novice hostess can handle it, so you can make absolutely any relative or acquaintance happy with a blank for culinary creativity – it will come in handy for sure. With the choice of this form, which is a kind of factory of snowflakes, you will definitely not go wrong: it is beautiful, unusual, diverse, ideally meets the festive theme. Cookies, of course, will not work – the snowflakes are too small, but chocolate or caramel figurines for decorating cakes, muffins, ice cream (as well as figured ice) promise to come out great. The weekend is just conducive to confectionery experiments!

Idea 3 – Smart thermos

An unusual thermos can be a universal New Year’s gift from Aliexpress, equally suitable for women and men. The trick is that, in addition to sealed and heat-saving storage of liquid, the device provides a broadcast of its current temperature. It displays numbers directly on the lid at the user’s request, literally with one touch. It is curious and very practical: it immediately becomes clear what degree of “hotness” the drink is at the moment.

In particular, this makes it possible to brew tea with water of exactly the temperature that is optimal for the selected variety (green, for example, requires 85–90 degrees, exceeding it is fraught with the loss of useful properties). The body of the informative thermos is made of food grade plastic (there are many colors in the range), the inner chamber is made of stainless steel. The capacity is half a liter, the dimensions are 22 by 6.5 centimeters.

Idea 4 – Stand warming a mug

Another option for a useful presentation associated with hot drinks is a thermal mug support. Its purpose is not to heat water “from scratch” for brewing tea or coffee, but to maintain the already set temperature (about 40–45 degrees). Simply put, the drink does not cool down, but remains stably warm all the time while the owner of the device is absorbed in the work process. The heating pad is powered by computer energy, via a USB cable.

A stand in the form of a glazed donut or sandwich cookie is perfect for a creative person. If you are for a more solid performance, take a closer look at the laconic classics – models of a modest and noble steel color, which does not attract too much attention.

Idea 5 – Mug with “pocket”

Speaking of drinking utensils: they will also not disappoint the congratulated person if they are extraordinary, with a twist. A lover of tea with cookies will appreciate a cup with a special “pocket” for a pastry product – moving from the kitchen to the living room or office, you will not have to take a saucer with you, because the mug itself will share the place with the tasty treat. In terms of design, again, there are different options, serious and not so.

Idea 6 – Ionic comb

Each, or almost every female, will be happy to accept an antistatic comb as a gift for the New Year – the accessory is more relevant than ever in cold weather, because wearing sweaters and hats makes your hair constantly electrified, tangled, and split. Of course, we are not talking about a simple comb, but about a more advanced invention with ionic technology. Pressing a button awakens the activity of negatively charged oxygen particles, which put hair in order, return smoothness and healthy shine to curls. Powered by just a couple of AAA batteries, the collapsible design allows for complete brush hygiene. In the process of brushing, the rounded bristles gently massage the scalp. And provide an anti-stress effect and improving the nutrition of the hair follicles.

Idea 7 – Foot Warmer

In winter, the weather in the house is often poor. And many would agree that it would be nice to have various additional sources of heat. A warming “pillow” powered by USB-port – made of soft breathable material (imitation of rabbit hair), comfortable and safe will help to forget about ever-freezing feet. The maximum heating temperature is 60 degrees, there is not the slightest risk of burning. Electronic components are hidden behind a zipper and can be easily removed before washing. A choice of several colors is available, dimensions – 32x28x12 cm.

Idea 8 – Quilted jacket

With the same focus on warming, you can give a cute flannel cape for the New Year. On Aliexpress, such gizmos are often called TV blankets. Why, it’s no wonder – you always want to relax in front of the screen with the utmost comfort. And it is fully organized by such a “soul warmer”. There are capes with rivets that close on the chest like a raincoat or, if necessary, transform into a skirt (when unfolded, they represent an elegant rectangular plaid), and there are cozy maxi-sweatshirts with long sleeves, a hood and pockets. Both are worth considering!

Idea 9 – Illuminated crochet hooks

Knitting is one of the favorite women’s hobbies. In winter, interest in it naturally increases, and if one of your friends prefers to fill long evenings with just such needlework, feel free to present LED hooks. The sets include 9 or 11 attachments (from 2.5 to 8 mm). But the main thing here is not even the breadth of the assortment, but a spectacular lighting. The grip is pre-charged via USB. And, when knitted, emits a bright beam of light that illuminates the work area through the transparent tip. Only the point at the very end or the whole hook can glow. The seller promises 7-9 hours of operation on one charge of the built-in battery. Functionally, non-trivial – just for a gift!

Idea 10 – Vintage Ashtray

The last place in the list of potential New Year gifts from Aliexpress is an unusual ashtray. In fact, it is an urn. But in its embodiment it is an elegant decor, worthy of being called a small work of art. The tobacco smell is reliably sealed inside, during the “unclaimed” time, the ashtray serves as a luxurious table decoration. So, even quitting an unhealthy habit, a smoker will definitely keep your present as an eye-pleasing little thing!

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