Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi (UAE): ancient history and ultramodernity

Everyone knows that Abu Dhabi is the main city of the United Arab Emirates, that is, its capital. It also has the status of the country’s administrative and political center and the center of the international oil business. The area of ​​this emirate is about 67,000 square kilometers, which is more than 80% of the total area of ​​the country. Abu Dhabi has an ancient history that dates back about four thousand years ago. Of all the existing emirates (and there are seven of them), Abu Dhabi is famous for its wealth and has the largest area. It is also the greenest city on the entire coast of the Persian Gulf, with about twenty public parks. Also in the capital there are many beautiful buildings with entertainment centers and offices located in them. The city impresses with its hotels, golf courses, museums and theaters. And in the very near future, it is planned to open museums in the city that have the level of the Guggenheim and the Louvre.

The city cannot be compared with any other capitals in the world. This capital is quite young, but, nevertheless, it is able to amaze and deliver a lot of unforgettable impressions to anyone who visits it, with a multitude and variety of parks, museums, beaches and other attractions. For guests of the capital who value their time, the best option would be to choose an organized tour, with the help of which you can visit all the corners that are worthy of attention. There are no problems with finding such a tour, since the city has a large number of travel agencies offering various kinds of excursions or tours.

Heritage Village

One of the most revered places for all travelers without exception is the Heritage Village. Visiting it, everyone can experience the way of life of those who lived in Abu Dhabi before the discovery of oil on it. Goatskin tents, bamboo shacks, camel stalls and wells will amaze the imagination of tourists from civilized countries. A good time to visit the area is Friday. This is a traditional day when the bazaar is open, and there is an opportunity to purchase many unique products that demonstrate local applied arts, taste exotic cuisine and the famous sweets of the East, and also enjoy the performance of folk songs by local musicians.

Institute of culture

Those who came here for the first time should visit the Institute of Culture. This is a house that has managed to accommodate all the cultural and national heritage of the country. In addition, this institute is considered one of the most important buildings in the city. This is a modern complex, which was built in accordance with ancient Arab traditions. The territory of the Institute of Culture is about 14 hectares, which houses the workshops of artists, national libraries, where you can see various compositions that capture the moments of the country’s history, and visit the national theaters. Practically every day, various cultural events are held here, such as exhibitions of art exhibitions, demonstrations of films, plays, opera performances, and many others.

Abu Dhabi waterfront

When there was an intensive development of the city, the application of new achievements in the land reclamation sphere was introduced in a very timely manner and to the place. This made it possible to build a settlement in the Arabian style with all the elements traditionally inherent in it. For example, such real Arab landmarks include the watershed, which overlooks the Abu Dhabi embankment. There are many small eateries in this place that serve a variety of seafood and local dishes, as well as the famous Arabian strong coffee and shisha. And if you visit a fun fair, it is impossible to leave there without some product of folk craftsmen.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi

In addition to visiting the sights, you can spend time doing wonderful shopping. The city’s territory offers an abundance of boutiques and oriental bazaars, various shopping centers and textile shops. Here you can buy many unusual things: Persian carpets, silver coffee pots, chests with spices inside, and much more.

Crab hunting

There is a unique opportunity to be a hunter by taking part in a night crab hunt. At the end of the hunt, a grill of caught crabs will be offered. Or you can play the role of a fisherman, take a boat out to sea and try to catch a tuna or a shark. Not far from the capital, on the island, there is a nature reserve where the rarest and already endangered species of animals live.

Jeep ride in the mountains

A jeep ride through the mountains is a great opportunity to test yourself. It will simply take your breath away, and after that you will be offered a gorgeous dinner in a five-star hotel.


For diving enthusiasts, there is an opportunity to dive into the waters of the Indian Ocean, whose underwater world will not leave indifferent even the most experienced people involved in this sport. You can also hunt under the water, that is, if you wish, fishing with guns will be organized.

Abu Dhabi is an unforgettable place both for those who have already been to the city and for those who visited it for the first time. Absolutely everyone here has the opportunity to find something to their liking and fully experience the charm and spirit of the East.

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