All US presidents list in order

All US presidents

USA presidents are not for nothing so popular topic in the world, each of the rulers was unique and changed the country, leaving a considerable mark in the history of America. In total, over three centuries there have been 45 presidents.

Thanks to the contribution of each of them, America is one of the most developed countries today. Below we provide a list of US presidents.

The rulers of America of the 18th and first half of the 19th century

  • The first president of the United States is known to almost everyone – this is George Washington (1789-97). The main fighter for the independence of America and the planter.
  • D. Adams (1797-1801). He was an ardent opponent of the slave system.
  • D. Madison (1809-17). His main merit was writing the constitution of America.
  • D. Monroe (1817-25). Completely destroyed the opposition.
  • D. Quincy Adams (1825-29). Thanks to the invented doctrine, he strengthened the position of the States in the world.
  • Eh. Jackson (1829-37). He took the presidency at the second attempt, but due to gossip he lost his wife during the elections.
  • M. Van Buren (1837-41). He became a great intriguer, but an absolutely useless president.
  • Y. Harrison (March-April 1841). Died after performing under heavy rain.
  • D. Tyler (1841-45). Joined Texas to the USA.
  • D. The regiment (1845-49). Very hardworking ruler, the territory of America during this time has increased almost 2 times.
  • W. Taylor (1849-50). He was a famous general.
  • M. Philmore (1850-53). The most inconspicuous president.
  • F. Pierce (1853-57). He was famous for his unreasonable actions and international scandal.
  • D. Buchanan (1857-61). On his conscience is civil war.

American Presidents of the Second Half of the 19th Century

  • A. Lincoln (1861-65). The main merit is the victory over slave owners.
  • Eh. Johnson (1865-69). Thanks to him, the States have Alaska.
  • Y. Grant (1869-77). He was a good military man.
  • P. Hayes (1877-81). Won the election by entering troops, which achieved a recount.
  • D. Garfield (1881). He gave great hopes, but was killed in the year of his inauguration.
  • H. Arthur (1881-85). Lover of entertainment and easy work.
  • C. Mr. Cleveland (1885-89 and 1893-97). 22nd and 24th ruler of the States.
  • B. Harrison (1889-93). He was a fighter for the right to vote for black citizens.
  • Y. McKinley (1897-1901). One of the largest colonizers.

16 presidents of the 20th century

One of the most famous US rulers T. Roosevelt (1901–09) was a diplomat, a Nobel laureate. And also, one should not forget U. Taft (1909-13), V. Wilsone (1913-21), the first became the chairman of the court, and the second, thanks to help in the First World War, made America 1st in the economy of the world. W. Harding (1921-23) “became famous” for his friendship with the mafia and corruption. C. Coolidge (1923-29) did little that he did for the country and was meek. The Great Depression fell on the rule of G. Hoover (1929-33). But, the great F. Roosevelt (1933-45) derived the USA from this crisis.

The most terrible decision to drop a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was made by the 33rd ruler G. Truman (1945-53). D. Eisenhower (1953-61) is practically unremarkable, in contrast to the famous pet D. Kennedy (1961-63). Both Presidents L. Johnson (1963–69) and R. Nixon (1969–74) gained fame because of the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. Both D. Ford (1974-77) and D. Carter (1977-81) did not receive positive feedback as good rulers. The most illiterate president of America is R. Reagan (1981-89). B. Clinton (1993-2001) – raised the US economy, but became famous for his personal scandal.

Our Time

The presidents of the United States in the 21st century also differ in their ambiguity in the world political arena. D. Bush Jr. (2001-09) – President of contrasts: reforming the health care system and reducing taxes, but at the same time unwise actions in crisis situations.

B. Obama (2009-17) – too soft in world politics, but extraordinary, tolerant and cheerful. What can not be said about the last president of Donald Trump (2017-present), he tightened the conditions for emigration. The presidential elections took place November 8, 2016.

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