Air delivery from China

Air delivery from China to Ukraine is a complex complex that consists of many small processes that ask for scrupulous attention to every detail, so only the experienced in this business people. We are guided by this rule, offering you a huge number of services, one of which is the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine.

Air delivery from China to Ukraine

 Air delivery from China

The very transportation of cargoes that we carry out covers the most suitable options, we take into account a huge number of different and invisible aspects for the simple client, the improvement of the logical circuits on the entire luggage route from the acquisition itself to its arrival at the destination.

What do we offer?

We represent you such services, each of which is related to shipping goods from China :

  • Air delivery from China to Ukraine or any other country in the world;
  • Storage of cargo in warehouses-premises
  • Load and load the cargo;
  • Assistance in preparing various documents for transport across borders.

A scrupulous approach requires the issue of all kinds of legal support during the whole route of the goods. Here you need a real professional, who has experience in import-export business. After all, when appealing to small brokers, you can often get in unpleasant situations during the passage of control at customs, which has consequences associated with law enforcement and customs authorities. And even more unpleasant is that as a result of lack of professionalism, you can lose weight, often even irretrievably.

Today, the fastest way to transport goods or cargo is by air. This is a huge time saving, because usually the air transportation of goods from China takes less than 20 days. But not all goods can be transported, most often deliver food, cargo with liquid and so on will not be successful.

What do you need to know in order to use the air delivery service?

  • First, you will get acquainted with the list of goods, which is forbidden to transport:
    • Liquid and powder
    • drugs
    • explosives
    • Mercury substances and other – all this is prohibited by law
  • Carefully study the current tariffs for air delivery. Clarify all the questions that arise.
  • Do you have more than 170 kg in 1 m3? Then the company can and has the right to recalculate the tariff.
  • The cargo must have some description in one of three languages: Ukrainian, Russian or Chinese. In case of dishonest description, you can be fined up to $ 100 for one place, and the tariff should be recalculated.
  • The recipient of the goods is not you? Be sure to issue a power of attorney to the recipient.
  • If suddenly the goods have been lost or the insured goods have arrived not in integrity, our firm pays compensation.

Most people think that air travel is expensive and give priority to other modes of transportation. Today, there is a huge demand for delivery by aircraft, which as a result leads to the development of aviation and, consequently, the reduction in the cost of transportation by air.

Our company will deliver your cargo without loss and damage, and most importantly – very quickly. At us you can insure your cargo from unpleasant unexpected situations. Insurance can be both voluntary and mandatory: it depends on the cargo being shipped.

In addition to the above, you can always contact our experts for help. They will gladly advise you on the issues of interest. To ensure that everything is fine with the product, we provide an opportunity to track the delivery stages.

Air delivery from China to Ukraine in our company is exactly what you need!

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