Bamboo bed linen

Bamboo bed linen

Natural bamboo bedding is a real exotic bliss.
Since ancient times, in everyday life, people have used mainly cotton bedding. Who would have thought that bedding could be made from exotic bamboo? Lingerie from this fabulous slender tall plant, with airy and graceful crowns! Previously, only paper was produced from it. New natural bedding belongs to the modern natural look. And the production of such fabric began in China relatively recently – at the end of the 20th century.

Composition and properties of bamboo bed linen

The fiber of the bamboo plant has unique properties. All types of bamboo linen are very delicate, soft and pleasant to the touch. They are also available to many in terms of a relatively inexpensive price. The color of bamboo bedding is usually light shades: white, gray and greenish. When painting bamboo products, only natural dyes are used that do not cause side allergic reactions.

The composition of bamboo linen is usually 40% cotton (or silk) and 60% bamboo fiber. However, there are also other combinations.

On the benefits of bamboo bed linen

Let’s consider in more detail the important characteristics of such linen:

  1. Tenderness and silkiness
    Bamboo linen for bed linen is similar in characteristics to silk. It is soft, delicate, light, silky. An important point is that such underwear does not slip, therefore it is more comfortable, convenient and pleasant to use.
  2. Durability and practicality
    It is very important that such underwear will last much longer, and even after a long time will look almost like new.
  3. The ability to absorb moisture well and evaporate quickly
    Due to the porosity of the bamboo fiber, the fabric has an important property of absorbing moisture well and evaporating it. Therefore, a cloth made of bamboo absorbs moisture 1.5 times better than an ordinary cloth made of cotton, which gives a person the opportunity to sleep comfortably even in hot times.
  4. Possessing antibacterial properties
    An important and undeniable plus of bamboo linen is the ability to prevent the growth of bacteria. This property persists even after endless washings of linen. This is due to the fact that the bamboo stem contains “bamboo ban” – an antibacterial substance. So, bed linen (and not only) made from bamboo fiber is practically the most environmentally friendly. And this is very important, especially for people with allergies.

Features of caring for bamboo linen

Due to the uniqueness of the composition of bamboo bed linen, which differs from ordinary cotton, caring for it is also slightly different. However, these differences do not complicate life at all. It’s just that softer and more caring care is important.

Important points of caring for bamboo bedding:

  1. Obligatory wash separately from other linen.
  2. Washing in a light delicate cycle.
  3. Water temperature for washing – no more than 30 degrees.
  4. Do not use a variety of bleaches and softeners for washing.
  5. Drying of the washed laundry in the open air, if possible.
  6. Iron with low heating temperatures.

The duration of use of bamboo bedding depends on proper (delicate) care for them.
It is best to use all types of bedding made from bamboo linen. By purchasing these wonderful not only durable, comfortable, but also beautiful products, there is a real opportunity to find a daily pleasant and sound sleep after a busy day of work. And, of course, these lingerie sets are an incomparable wonderful decoration for your favorite bedroom.

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