Business ideas from the US, which are not in Ukraine

Business ideas from the US set trends around the world. Entrepreneurs from different countries adopt the successful experience of foreign colleagues. Adapting their ideas to the mentality of their country. The US is an economically powerful and developed state, where a large number of large and small entrepreneurs build their profitable and successful business.

Business Ideas from the United States

 Business idea from the United States in Ukraine Ukraine is no exception – domestic entrepreneurs enjoy profitable cases from the United States. Many of them pay for themselves and gain incredible popularity, but also there is risk of failure. In the end, America and Ukraine are absolutely different countries. Regarding the established customs, mentality and principles of doing business. 

What forms the business idea from the US and motivates the Americans to open their own business?

Before adopting the experience of foreign entrepreneurs, it will be useful to know what principles are at the heart of the formation of small and large businesses in the United States:

  • America is a multicultural and multinational country with mixed traditions. That is why successful business in the US can completely fail in our country. The difference of cultures, mentality, habitual way of life and other factors plays a huge role in building a business.
  • Incredibly state-of-the-art services encourage new entrepreneurs to generate more and more unique and original ideas Ideas that could attract to yourself attention. Solve any problem of consumers and benefit them. Using this approach to creating Ukrainian business, without choosing the beaten path of ideas that have already become boring in our country, you can create a really successful, popular and profitable project. Popular products can also be in Ukraine. Express delivery from the US allows you to regularly replenish and update the range;
  • The United States is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Many small entrepreneurs, for example, one family, open their business not for the sake of large profits. And for your own pleasure. People who are not focused on space earnings, but on quality, invest in their work the whole soul, offering quality goods or services.

Interesting ideas for the realization of business in Ukraine

Creating a new, unique business is always risky. We do not claim that the proposed business ideas from the US will gain incredible success with a 100% guarantee. But, the implementation of similar projects in Ukraine would be interesting. Both from the commercial and from the position of attractiveness for people.

Sale of books in non-transparent packaging

The idea of ​​opening a bookstore is not new at all. In every city you can find a bookshop with an excellent assortment of books. Read now is fashionable and it’s an excellent platform for implementing the business idea of ​​selling books wrapped in opaque packaging. What’s the point?

Most people who do not get acquainted with the novelties of the world of literature, choose books on the cover. The beauty of the cover is very important, but at times the content does not correspond to it at all. The idea is that the books are wrapped in a package, for example, a beautiful kraft paper. It writes a catchy description of the book (without spoilers) – neither the author nor the title of the book is indicated.

Such an interesting idea is tied to a surprise and an element of surprise. A person buys a book, not knowing what’s inside, focusing on the description of the plot. You can also sell books in English. To do this, you need shipping from the US , where just a huge assortment of popular literature.

Public Laundry

Although in Ukraine in large cities you can often meet dry cleaners, Western experience suggests that public laundry is much more lucrative and successful. A common misconception is that every person at home has a washing machine and dryer. Public laundry is a place where you can wash and dry your things for a fee. And, judging by the American films, even make new acquaintances.
By adapting American laundry to Ukrainian realities, you can create a truly profitable business. 

Mobile hotels

The culture of hostels is poorly developed in Ukraine. A wide range of inexpensive accommodation can be found except in Kiev and a handful of large megacities. Resourceful Americans came up with the idea of ​​creating special vans, equipped as a small hotel room with all the necessary amenities. This is not a great idea for creating a concept hotel in your city. But a good basis for tourists traveling around the country. Rent a mobile van is much more profitable than to be accommodated in hotels on the route.

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