Business with China in Ukraine

Is business possible with China in Ukraine? Shipping from China has somewhat reformatted the world market of trade: more on our counters of products from Asia, because it is easier to bring goods from afar than to produce them on site.

More and more Ukrainian businessmen turn their attention to a direction like China. In Chinese manufacturers, they are attracted by a huge range of goods produced in China and low prices. And if ten years ago they said quite often that the quality of Chinese products is not the highest, now the situation has changed radically.

Can I start a business with China from scratch?

 Business with China in Ukraine The answer is you can. And there are many examples where ambitious entrepreneurs even without experience created trading companies with a turnover of millions. The general scheme of doing business with China is simple and consists of only three processes:

  • selection of the supplier of products in China
  • delivery to Ukraine of products;
  • selling on the spot, making a profit.

The main issues that wave start-up businessmen are related to the design and certification of products and customs documents. However, it is not difficult to understand them. In addition, you can always contact professional consultants and get an explanation of these issues from them.

If you do not have seed capital, you can use the dropshipping system. In this case, you act as an intermediary – find a seller in China, a buyer in Ukraine, and get a profit for organizing the transaction.

If you have the initial capital, you can organize wholesale or retail trade in trend goods. In this case, you can open an online store, a retail outlet or work out a base of retailers in our country. Also there is a variant of joint purchases, if you have a partner in Ukraine and are interested in products from one region.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. In the first case, you risk nothing. In the second – you can get a big profit.

The benefits of trade with China

The following are the main advantages of business with China:

  1. The widest product range. In China, everything is produced – from food, clothing and office to the most sophisticated medical and electronic equipment
  2. Incredible prices. Sometimes an entrepreneur manages to get 1000% (!) Percent of profit on a single batch of goods;
  3. Great competition among producers and intermediaries. This will allow you to choose a partner from China for you on the most favorable terms;
  4. Purchase of exclusives, trend products. As a rule, first the goods, which are subsequently in great demand, are demonstrated for the first time at industrial exhibitions in China. Examples are spinners, mono-wheels. If you bring them to Ukraine first or one of the first, you will collect “cream” from haypovyh goods;
  5. The opportunity to receive the goods as quickly as possible. About how the shipping from China we’ll talk more a bit later;
  6. Readiness of Chinese manufacturers to cooperate. For them, our market is attractive, and they will offer you excellent conditions for cooperation.

Logistics issues for the delivery of goods and goods from China

The question of logistics is now solved easily. To date, express delivery from China you can get a consignment of goods in just 5-7 days, and the cost of such a trucking is quite affordable. In addition, the logistics company usually takes on a lot of issues related to the customs clearance of the goods.

It is more convenient to use the services of a logistics company than to exert efforts to independently transport cargo from Asia. In addition, as already mentioned, the organized shipping from China will cost a small amount.

Today, anyone can start a business with China. Even in the absence of a warehouse or office, directly from home, organizing the resale process. At the same time, a possible assortment is calculated by a huge number of positions. Information – the main weapon of our time, with respect to trade, the main value became knowledge: what, how and where to buy. And what exactly at the moment is well divergent. And also how to arrange delivery.

Business with China directly from the manufacturer

In recent years, a huge number of companies and individuals have joined this business. In this connection the competition has grown strongly, and average profitability has subsided. And this means that the best option for successful trade in Chinese goods is to find a supplier directly from the Chinese manufacturer (factory), rather than an intermediary.

Speaking about which niche to choose for trade from China, it makes sense to seek and find young Chinese companies that have not yet managed to make a name for themselves in Europe and the US. Their products are priced according to the “price-quality” formula, and the potential for selling is high, since the overpayment for recognition of the brand is not included in the cost price.

The real story of life: a man accidentally on the Internet found a Chinese factory. Using a Google translator, I wrote a request to the mail about the possibility of direct purchases. In the end, all ended with the fact that at the moment this person is the owner of the official representative of the Chinese brand.

Shipping from China: options

There is both an ordinary delivery (the goods can go a month, and even more), and accelerated. The mass of specializing in this transport companies promise terms on average 5-8 days. Of course, such a service is much more expensive than standard delivery.

However, there are situations when the minimum period for the arrival of goods to the buyer is of fundamental importance. In such cases, express delivery from China is used. The arrival time varies from 2 to 4 days, when it comes to express delivery.

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