What to bring from China: popular purchases

What to bring from China – this question arises before those who are going to visit one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, where is the production of mass of goods. And if you choose a shopping tour, it will be interesting to know what is best to buy from a huge amount of goods in the Middle Kingdom, and then bring all this stuff home and profitably sell.

What to bring from China

Bring the right product from China it is quite possible without your participation - entrust it to professionals The country produces about a quarter of the world production of washing machines and more than half of the world production of cameras. Every third air conditioner and every fifth refrigerator is also produced in the PRC, delivery from China of goods is produced worldwide.

What is in demand:

  • Clothes and household goods

Often, local goods – clothes, shoes and leather goods are performed similar to the products of world firms – and everything looks very respectable.

Some products from China in bulk are very profitable to buy, then they are easy to implement – for example, these are disposable plastic products, linens, household items.

What can be brought from China from the products of the winter assortment are fur coats, jackets and wonderful light down jackets.

Sports goods, flasks, thermoses, lanterns in China are quite high-quality. For children, unusual toys may be interesting.

  • Appliances, electronics, optics

In China, it is profitable to buy appliances and electronics, there is a large selection of glasses, watches. Interesting mini-optics: cameras and movie cameras, a variety of magnifying glasses, devices for checking banknotes for fake. It is good to buy various accessories and accessories for computers, gadgets, as well as a selfie stick, a portable battery, a headset for phones, an iron for hair and a curling iron.

  • Chinese souvenirs and gifts

What souvenirs from China will please relatives and friends?

In China, many beautiful and unusual products of local craftsmen. These are various statuettes, paintings, various porcelain vases, larger and smaller. Also sell beautiful painted caskets, figurines of gods, silver chains, pendants. A wide choice of various bracelets and other hand-made articles from jade, beads and earrings from pearls (fakes also come across). Of particular interest is antiques from ordinary shops.

China has always been famous for its silks, and now you can find products made of wonderful silk.

Tea also comes from China. Its assortment is very wide – besides black and green, there are many others, different mixtures with flowers and fruits. When buying Chinese tea, you will definitely be offered to try it and tell you how best to brew.

The choice of tea sets and Chinese services is huge, for every taste and wallet.

A nice present will be a handmade umbrella or a painted Chinese fan of various sizes – from miniature to huge (like decoration on the wall).

A great gift is a statuette, many will be enchanted by a beautiful Chinese doll.

You can also buy cosmetics, vodka, candy. But, keep in mind that during transportation you need to comply with customs rules and laws.

How to bring from China product

If you need to carry out trucking from China , use the services

In Time , which will provide

  • cargo consolidation (consolidation of several small goods);
  • regular shipment and safety of the goods on the way;
  • compulsory insurance, customs clearance;
  • Search for products from China and check with a reliable manufacturer.

It is quite possible to bring the necessary goods from China without your participation. Entrust this to professionals who have been in this market for 10 years. We will find, select and promptly deliver goods to you.

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