Buy an iPhone in America

Buy an iPhone in America, why do you need it?

Buy an iPhone in America, how to do it, and whether such a purchase makes sense, the thoughts of every second potential buyer of apple products. Such an interest in buying Apple’s smartphones in the USA is caused by the fact that I want to get 100% original and high-quality product. And where to do it, if not in the birthplace of Apple? After all, we know that the likelihood of exchange and forgery in the United States is reduced to a minimum. Sellers are afraid to cheat. Yes, and our luxury appliances, the Americans are not considered to be something unique, so to risk, fake.

But when buyers want to buy equipment in America, many do not take into account a number of drawbacks. Yes, the advantages described in different sources are indisputable and look very attractive. And especially, when on the Internet from bloggers, acquaintances, just users all the time hear about how beautiful it is to buy an iPhone in his home country. But is it all so simple?

Buy or not?

Should I buy an Apple smartphone in the US or not, the question is really important and relevant. To do this, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of such an overseas purchase. Let’s start with the pros:

  • Cost. Yes, the price for a phone in the USA can be an order of magnitude lower than in the stores of your garden.
  • 100% original. This is true for those who do not have a number of official resellers of products epl. And in other sellers there is no confidence.
  • Pre-orders for a new model in America start much earlier.

But, unfortunately, there are also pitfalls in buying equipment in another country:

  • Not all US stores accept payment through Ukrainian payment or credit cards.
  • Not every phone will support Ukrainian communication. Often, a very low price is placed on iPhones, which are made specifically for the American operator. Thus, the SIM card of the Ukrainian operator will not work. It is important to carefully review the possibility of other operators working on your future phone.
  • Not all stores, as well as sellers on large trading floors, provide delivery services to Ukraine.
  • Not all equipment with a euro outlet is offered.

Where can I buy an iPhone?

What about stores where it is better to buy an iPhone. We recommend first to look at the prices on the official Apple Store website. If this is the best price of all, then you should buy a phone here. Also, often prefer the largest intern-site for sales of Amazon. The advantages of shopping here are that not the newest models can be found on promotions or on sales.

Also, you should pay attention to such trading platforms Ebay, Swappa, Glyde. Here you will find high-quality and original smartphones. The only difficulty in ordering an order is language. All major US stores are in English, so minimal foreign language skills will be required. Or you can use a translator, as well as training videos “how to buy on …”, where you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to buy in foreign stores.

Delivery of the smartphone from the USA

And here there may be difficulties. Not all stores agree on delivery in Ukraine. For example, on Amazon, not every seller will be able to send you the selected product. And, moreover, delivery from the USA to Ukraine may be unnecessarily expensive .

In this case, it makes sense to contact the company, which is engaged in international delivery. They will help you get your smartphone from any store. And thanks to combined orders, delivery usually comes out cheaper than if you order it yourself. Anyone can buy an iPhone in America, but In Time will help you with delivery.

In Time delivery from the USA parcels, goods and cargo

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