Delivery from Taobao without intermediaries

Ordering products on Taobao without intermediaries is the best way to purchase quality goods at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Taobao without intermediaries

 Express delivery from Taobao without intermediaries Perhaps now everyone has heard of express delivery from China . Moreover, every year more and more people prefer this method of shopping. If, however, you are vaguely aware of what Taobao is, we will explain everything to you. Taobao – a time-tested and many customers online store, register on which anyone can. On the site you can find absolutely any goods, from clothing to electrical appliances. It is worth noting that the goods on the site you will find both new and used. Yes, there, when the site presents more than 800 million positions, it is impossible not to find exactly what you are looking for. It can be compared to a huge shopping center, if not for one difference – the prices for Taobao are several times cheaper than in any ordinary store. Yes, and Internet shopping – this is the most beloved shopping, but without leaving home. In fact, shipping from China is saving both money and time.

The popularity of Taobao in Ukraine

As we have already noted, there are fewer and fewer people who have not ordered anything on this site lately. Of course, such statistics apply to Ukraine. Comparing the current figures with the indicators of five years ago, they have grown significantly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the high-quality work of the online store was able to dispel the myth of the low quality of Chinese goods. The most popular world brands (we are talking about original things) opened their official stores on Taobao. This indicates a high level of quality of goods online store. It’s no wonder that millions of Ukrainians liked the Taobao website. It should be noted that among the inhabitants of Ukraine, it is he who leads the ranking of the most popular online stores in China. The advantages that elevate Taobao over other sites are obvious. These advantages include:

  1. > refund (in case the supplier did not send the goods, or, it does not meet the client’s requirements);
  2. delivery from 7 to 9 days (and not up to 3 months, as we used to expect on other shipping websites from China) .

Conditions and opportunities for buying goods

The 2 main ways to order goods are with or without intermediaries. First, consider the first option. Since Taobao was initially focused on delivery only in China, Ukrainians still have the habit of ordering goods through an intermediary. All to the impossibility of simple. You communicate with the intermediary, you specify all the details, he, in turn, solves all the issues, in this case, with the online store Taobao. It would seem that some advantages with this method of order, but no! Using the services of an intermediary, you overpay from 10% to 15% of the cost of the goods.

Order without intermediaries

We believe that you should not overpay for what you are able to do yourself. Moreover, it’s easy to order goods on Taobao by yourself. Since 2014, this method has come into effect, therefore, we encourage you to use it. To start, you need to register on the store’s website, specifying all the necessary information about yourself. Payment can be made using the cards of Ukrainian banks. When ordering the goods, after indicating all its necessary characteristics, you need to click on the Buy Now button. Then, once again confirm your order, making your data. Then, you will be given a list of companies that can deal with the delivery of your goods. Before choosing, read reviews about each. After paying for the goods, expect it to come to the warehouse, after which, you can pick it up in your city.

Taobao without intermediaries – it’s convenient, economical and reliable!

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