Cars from the USA

Advantages of buying a car from the USA in Ukraine

Recently, the practice of bringing in cars from the United States is gaining popularity. In 2019 alone, more than four hundred thousand American cars were imported to Ukraine, and every year this number increases several times. Today, every driver can order a car from the USA to Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and any other city in Ukraine.

The main demand is for used cars put up for sale by motorists from the USA. But why are battered cars from the USA in such demand? Here are some of the benefits of ordering a used American car:

Low price

  • In recent years, dealers have begun to understand: they can get big profits not so much for selling cars, but for replacing parts with original ones in cars already sold. That is why it is often much cheaper to sell a battered car and buy a new one than to take it to a dealer for repair. The cost of a car with minor damage on the American market is much lower than the cost of the same car without damage, so Ukrainian motorists have a chance to purchase an almost complete or easily restored car for little money. Even the cost of delivery does not play a significant role in this case. Customs clearance directly depends on the price of the car, and the price, as you know, is not high. If you wish, you can calculate customs clearance yourself using a customs calculator.

Variety of purchase options

  • The easiest option is to find an intermediary company. Such a company can pick up a turnkey car, calculate how much the car costs in total with delivery, accompany your transaction from the moment you choose to pick up the car. You can also independently find an American company that has access to participate in auctions. The disadvantage of this option is that you have to negotiate with this company, and for this you need to understand all the intricacies of buying cars in the United States. You can find a finished car on the market. This way you can be sure that the car will drive right away, and you will not waste time on recovery. But there is a risk that the car was restored poorly by the reseller. Therefore, you should check the machine carefully before purchasing.

Wide range of top-of-the-line vehicles

  • Top-of-the-line vehicles are very common in the USA. And thanks to the low cost, which was described in the paragraph above, you will get such a car at the same price that you could have paid for a car in the minimum configuration from another country.

Auto quality

  • In European countries, as a rule, cars are used only for short-distance travel within a small town. In the United States, cars are driven on high-speed highways, despite the fact that they are pre-warmed up in the sun. As a result, it turns out that from the USA you can bring a car with a mileage of more than twenty thousand kilometers, but in excellent condition, and from Europe – a barely living car with a low mileage.

Despite a number of advantages, buying a car from the USA has its risks. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is recommended to carefully inspect the car in the photo and video, find out in advance whether the car you like is still in stock, check its history and technical characteristics using the VIN code, read the reviews to the intermediary company in advance, if you decide to use one, as well as refer to tracking the path of the car and independently calculate the price of transporting the car across the border using a customs clearance calculator to check.

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