What are groupage cargoes?

Groupage cargoes will save you

Groupage cargoes  are small loads that are combined into one and transported in large containers. The operator at the same time offers a fixed rate. The cost depends directly on weight and volume. The operator may carry risks associated with partial filling of the container.

Groupage cargoes, what is the essence

We select loads of small dimensions of different customers, which need to be transported in one direction. This scheme is not beneficial if you have medium and large shipments.

The loads of various customers are combined at the terminal, mounted in a container or car. At the place of delivery, the container is unloaded and transported by truck.

The key point is the consolidation of small batches of different customers. This is held in a dedicated warehouse.

A consolidated warehouse is the starting point from which regular shipments are made. There are several factors affecting a specific time during which a shipment will be delivered:

  1. complete set of the whole lot;
  2. route the load follows;
  3. weather conditions;
  4. road condition, if it is carriage by road, etc.


The method of transportation of general cargo has several advantages:

  • Reduced chance of damage. The main advantage of such a system isa special terminal for loading and unloading of cargo . All manipulations with him are performed by qualified specialists. This minimizes the possibility that the load will be damaged.
  • Reduced shipping costs. This is due to the saving of cargo space. Savings apply only to those cases when you need to transport small-sized goods. For medium and large loads, it is better to choose a way of transit.
  • This is convenient. In fact, the company organizes all stages of transportation.

Transportation Stages

Cargo transportation goes through the following stages:

  1. Transportation of cargo from the customer to the consolidation warehouse.
  2. Cargo processing. Placing in a container, packaging.
  3. Customs clearance, preparation of all shipping documentation.
  4. Sending of general cargo to its destination by a certain type of transport.
  5. Customs clearance in the country of destination. Registration of all documents necessary for the legal sale of goods, the use of imported equipment.
  6. Delivery of piece load to a specific address or to the customer’s warehouse.

All the listed steps require precise implementation and well-thought-out organization of the transportation process. More and more companies offering such transportation appear on the market. Competition provides quality services. Transportation has become as fast as possible. Companies seek to build logistics efficiently, to ensure a full transport load. Formed a network of agents, debugged delivery service.

An important condition for success is the availability of warehouses. They allow you to consolidate and process consolidated cargo throughout the planet.

Customs Clearance Features

We should also mention the design of such goods at customs. Since they consist of several items of different customers, each of them may have a different customs clearance code. It will not be possible to arrange the entire shipment. It is important that the representatives of the carrier company fill out the entire package of documents as quickly as possible. This will help you get through the procedure as quickly as possible.

The benefits are undeniable

Groupage cargoes is beneficial both for the customer and the carrier. Recall that we are talking about small batches. For example, you need to deliver a cargo weighing 100 kg to another country. To drive a lorry for this is unprofitable. Now you can pick up similar shipments of several customers at once and optimally fill the vehicle space.

It is profitable for a customer to pay just for weight or volume, and for a carrier company it is advantageous to transport several cargoes at once and receive payment from several customers for this.

Now you can ship small batches of orders at a reasonable price.


Difficulties arise from the transport company. She needs to coordinate her actions as precisely as possible. After all, the goods need to be delivered quickly and profitably. To do this, you need to pick up customers who also need to deliver the goods in the same direction.

The company takes into account a complex of factors, coordinates all the links in a complex transportation chain. It is difficult and very responsible. Therefore, this delivery method interests mainly large companies. They have developed a transport structure over the years, accumulating valuable experience in freight transportation.

So, groupage cargoes  will work if you want to transport a small cargo at a sufficiently large distance. It is reliable, fast, profitable.

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